They all had a single party by Teodoro Petkoff

September 29, 2006

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They all had a single party by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

The only two political offers of the candidate of continuity which are
truly new are those of his “unique party of the revolution” and his indefinite reelection.
The rest is a broken record of eight years of failure. More of the same. In the
case of the “unique party” one has to beware. It would seem to be an idea aimed
to regroup the archipelago that surrounds the continuity candidate in a single
block and, supposedly, unite it. In the “revolutionary” nest of cockroaches the
proposal has awakened mistrust, fears and suspicions. Not only in the little
ones, but even-or specially in- Chavez’ MVR, because it is thought, not without
a reason, that the whole purpose is to liquidate diversity, not to accept small
differences, internally among the supporters of the candidate of continuity,
who from now on, he thinks, he could subject his co militants to an iron
discipline, making them obey the only voice of command: his. “Commander in
Chief, tell us what to do!” this is what they expect to hear from now on. But
if among his supporters the idea is seeing with reserve, the rest of
Venezuelans have even more reasons to be concerned. The dynamics of “unique
parties” have led, in very well known historical cases, from the suppression of
debate internally within the party to the suppression of political debate at a
national scale. Once the unique organization is created, the next step was to
declare him interpreter and custodian of the interests of the Nation and deny
the right of existence to other political forces with the argument that, by
definition, they would be representatives of the “enemy”, which for our case
will be Yankee imperialism. From the “unique party of the revolution” we would
go to the “unique party of the country”, that is, to a single party in the
country. Much like it was in the former Soviet Union.
In Nazi Germany, in fascist Italy,
in Franco’s Spain and…in
Fidel’s Cuba.
Speculation? History is there and those that say, that those who do not learn
from history are condemned to repeat it, are absolutely correct.

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