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Ramirez shows the true face of the revolution

November 4, 2006

Being away it is difficult to sit down, relax and devote the time needed to the Ramirez video and his words at a PDVSA meeting. I will try to do this upon my return, but can’t let it go by without making a comment. The speech is to me very disturbing. It reveals how undemocratic and fascist this revolution is. It is not only fascist, but also discriminatory and shows the intolerance towards others by the leaders of the revolution. Nothing new here, execept it is there and very clear. This is the way Chavez, Rangel and the people around this stupid revolution think. That is precisely why we have to get rid of it.

I don’t care if Ramirez is removed, which I doubt he will. But when one of the most powerful people in a Government says what he says, it is time for them to go. The alternative is terrorific, when they can’t keep the revolution alive with all of the tricks of the ballot box, they will resort to the weapons bought in the last few years to perpetuate it. History repeats. What will the apologists of the revolution say now? Or then?