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Rosales challenges Chavez to intervene in the case of seven Iranian women scheduled to be stoned to death

November 8, 2006

Yesterday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that
he opposed the death penalty for his former buddy Saddam Hussein,
because he was opposed to that punishment as a matter of principle,
adding that if anyone deserved it, would be the US President whose name
I tend to forget.

Today, opposition candidate Manuel Rosales sent Hugo Chavez
a letter asking him to intervene with his new buddy, Iranian President
Maud Ahmadinejad, to help stop the stoning of seven women in that

Rosales says in his letter “I address you in your character as
President of the Republic to request that given the profound strategic
and personal relations that you have established with the Islamic
Republic of Iran, you make use your relationship with that regime to
avoid that an action be committed which is revolting to human
conscience…it is necessary to add that the regime of President
Ahmadinejad had agreed to respect the International pact on civil and
political rights which is violated with this recent decision…the
reasons given against these seven women do not merit any punishment
and demonstrates an outrageous scorn against the condition of women and
the requiremnets of freedom…hoping you will act with the elemental
respect for the dignity of women, justice and human rights…”

This is part of a campaign by NGO Amnesty International to prevent the stoning of these seven women and stop the practice in Iran. Chavez has been critical of AI for its reports on Venezuela, which coincidentally agrees with Chavez on not giving Saddam Hussein the death penalty.

Thus, at this time, Rosales has certainly asked Chavez to put his money where his mouth is. Will he do anything?

And what will his Iranian buddy reply to him?

Stay tuned!

Another video of Rosales at last night’s ballgame

November 8, 2006

And here is an even better version of Rosales visit to the Caracas-Magallanes game last night in Caracas. This video took place at a different point probably when Rosales first arrived, while the one I posted this morning took place afterwards as he sat to watch the game

Rosales at last night’s Caracas Magallanes baseball game

November 8, 2006

Last night Rosales went to the Caracas Magallanes baseball game at the Estadio Universitario, the video speaks for itself