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The perverse symbolism of the location of Chavez’ closing rally

November 26, 2006

There is something quite perverse and obscene for President Hugo Chavez to hold the rally that closes his presidential campaign end at Puente El Llaguno. It not only shows the immoral character of Chavez and his cohorts, but it shows the lack of compassion of this Government and its leader for his own people. Nobody who has any respect for human rights and the right to life, would even dare come close to that infamous bridge, a symbol of death and murder, least of all to make it a symbol of this shameless revolution.

But that is exactly what is being done, tomorrow Chavez will close his rally there, making it very clear that he cares little for the people of either side. It was indeed one of the darkest moments of our history when TV cameras caught pro-Chavez supporters, some of whom were members of the city council of Distrito Libertador, open fire on the marchers who were coming towards the bridge unarmed. While the Government attempted to change history by saying nobody was under the bridge at the time (Why shoot then? Who were they shooting at?) in this link you can see both the picture of the shooters and the people below that fateful day.

To make matters even worse, the shooters were declared innocent in a speedy trial, as the Prosecutor General had the trial moved to Aragua state. Curiously, assassinated Prosecutor Danilo Anderson acted for the Government in that case and lost, but he vowed to appeal and jail the shooters again. He did not live to do it and the appeal never got off the ground after he was killed. Similarly, others that were present that day as part of the opposition march, but were not directly involved in the shootings, but were found responsible for the shootings are still in jail, and all deadlines for their trial are past, but there has been no quick trial and sentencing like there was for the Chavistas.

Maybe it is just symbolic of what Chavez stands for that his rally will end there. It represents the viciousness and perversity of this faux revolution and the low lives that run this Government. It shows their total disrespect for the people they claim to love, but they show daily they care so little for. It is another slap in the face to the people of Venezuela. Chavez had hundreds of innocent people killed in his coup attempts in 1992. He did it again in April 11th. 2002 and many other times. Celebrating Puerto El Llaguno tomorrow only shows the callousness of the autocrat’s mind and the possibility that he will kill innocent people again if and when needed.

Hopefully, Venezuelans tomorrow will realize what this cynical and perverse symbolism really means for them, their families and their future.