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Justice an injustice in Venezuela a week before the election

November 23, 2006

—For weeks the family of former Yaracuy Governor Eduardo Lapi has been requesting that he be allowed to be treated at a hospital for a bleeding ulcer he has. Lapi, who has been accused of corruption and jailed in his home state, should be allowed to be tried in freedom according to Venezuelan law. But in this very liberal interpretation of Venezuelan law by Chavista judges, you don’t apply justice to your political enemies, yo simply screw them. Thus, the former Governor is in jail while being tried and now, thanks to an order today by the Venezuelan Supreme Court, he will be moved to a hospital to be evaluated and examined by doctors.

—Reporters from the Globovision TV station were violently removed by the “Casa Militar”, which protects the President, as they were covering a protest by people asking for homes. Without crossing words with the reporter, she and her camera man were physically removed by three soldiers. This incident took place in front of the La Casona presidential residence where Chavez does not live.

—In a somewhat puzzling decision for what is considered to be a democracy, the Minister of Interior and Justice issued a resolution prohibiting “meetings, public demonstrations, concentrations of people and any “similar” act that may affect the normal development of the vote”. This means that if, for example, the audits were not conducted as established by the CNE, anyone trying to protest it, could be jailed. Similarly, since the resolution expires at midnight on Dec. 3d., if a winner were announced, his supporters would not be able to celebrate. One has to wonder what is the purpose of this resolution which is in clear violation of the Venezuela Constitution. Primero Justicia has already protested the decision and said it would not be obeyed. A Caracas newspaper also reported that the CNE would ban exit polls.