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Barter by Alberto Barrera Tyszka

November 19, 2006

I wrote
yesterday about Alberto Barreda, who won the Herralde prize for his novel “La
Enfermedad” it is only fitting that I translate his short piece in his Sunday
column entitled “Barter”, based on Chavez’
latest harebrained idea
about barter and currencies.

Barter by Alberto Barrera Tyszka in
El Nacional


The reason
for the present email is to reaffirm the radical, revolutionary and Bolivarian character
of the last project that lucidly has been offered to us by our unbeatable commander
in chief. We believe that barter is the most novel instrument to build XXIst. Century
Socialism, That is why we are calling on you to add your backing to this
popular initiative to propose to the President the creation of Mision Trueque
(Mision Barter).

Our idea, it
is to be said, is that barter become a participatory, popular, ideological and
endogenous practice. For example, I want to exchange my piece of junk from ’75 for
the BMW of fatso Ameliach (Chavez’ former campaign manager). Without complications
of dirty money mediating it. Presto! Just like that. Comrade Efren also wants
to barter. He has a little house up there beyond San Blas. He wants to barter
it evenly with the Foreign Minister… He does not mind the size or the
location. Any piece of shit with a kitchen and a bathroom that Maduro owns will
be a gain for him. My mate Lisbeth will barter her clothes for any of the rags
that comrade Cilia Flores bought in New
York…We have brothers in the movement so enthusiastic
that they are thinking that certain wider criteria can be included in the
operations. What do you think about bartering husbands and wives, which have
been using each other for a while?

This is our opportunity. The true revolution begins here. Giving and giving it
back. If you want to back us and manage the consolidation of our mission, add
your signature below and, in exchange, we will give you a new national ID

Barter or Death. We shall win

A bit of everything

November 19, 2006

Last week I posted a picture of the Cattleya Walkeriana semi alba above left, it turns pout the flowers were starting to open and both look fantastic together. To right: Laelia Santa Barbara “Peaches” a hybrid of Laelia Anceps.

Very nice Cattleya Percivaliana (very stinky too!), I love the yellow, shown in close up on the right.

Huge Dendrochilum, I wished it would flower more often than once a year. Top right, Oncidium, I am not sure which one, will check and post name if I find it.

These two flowers are not mine, they are two Phalenopsis from Orquideario Cerro Verde, where I went yesterday.

Monetary liquidity shows a devaluation in our future

November 19, 2006
A picture is worth 10,000 words: The graph above shows the growth of the monetary liquidity (M2) in pink during 2006 (up 48%) and compares it with international reserves. (up 14.8%). This is good old fashioned irresponsible money printing at its best, unless oil shoots up, this means a devaluation is coming and could be bad.