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A cynical Hugo Chavez talks about loving everyone

November 21, 2006

“Some people say that I hate the middle class and the high classes, that is a lie, I have no hate for anyone, I love all of Venezuela and its inhabitants and all of its territory with its history and its traditions”

Hugo Chavez, November 21st. 2006

(Does this include the squalids, the oiligarchs, those that he will meet with his weapons, those that should leave the country, those that he plans to jail or has jailed, those he has ordered shot, stopped with force, those he regularly calls traitors, those he accuses of only following orders from the empire, those, like former Cardinal Velazco, who he said was going to hell, the media, reporters, the 20,000 people that were illegally fired from PDVSA and their pensions confiscated, the kids at the Jewish school which was raided by the intelligence police, the more than 40 Venezuela everyday because by his complacency about crime, those shot without any reason searching for the killers of Danilo Anderson, the people whose lives were destroyed in the floods in Vargas state, the kids in the streets, those that are afraid of the fingerprint machines, those that have had to ask for political asylum, those that die because hospitals have no supplies, Jose Vilas, those killed in La Paragua, Fuerte Mara; the four dozen PDVSA workers who have committed suicide, his former friends in the military and Government, is if for love of your people you allow, promote and participate in that TV program full of hate called “La Hojilla”?….you get the picture of how he spreads this fake love around. Please complete with your list in the comments section)

PDVSA roja, rojita: Painting it won’t make it so…

November 21, 2006

Practicing for Baghdad-like scenes on Dec. 4th.

November 21, 2006