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Brazilian President Lula should be ashamed of himself

November 13, 2006

While I
have always respected Brazilian President Ignacio Lula Da Silva, I think what
he did today was despicable and an outright interference with my country’s
affairs and a violation of our rights. He had no
to say that he was convinced that Hugo Chavez would be reelected,
least of all during an official visit to inaugurate a bridge that has been in
use since four months ago and knowing Chavez was simply using this opportunity
to campaign.

If Lula
really believes that Chavez is like him, like he said, then he should look at
the unfair advantages that the Venezuelan Government has outspending Rosales 12
to 1 on the media and using the people’s resources for it. In contrast with Brazil, where
Lula’s party holds a minority in Congress, Chavez holds 100% of the National
Assembly, controls the judiciary all the way to the Supreme Court and the Chief
General Prosecutor is so sold out to the faux revolution that he can even find
fake witnesses as long as he can charge opposition figures with violent
assassinations. There can be non investigation of Chavez’ abuses, if there was,
he would have been impeached long ago.

Thus, if
President Lula has an effect on the election, which I hope he does not and
candidate Rosales said not
even Lula
can save this Government, I would consider him an accomplice of the
fascism and discrimination that is going on in Venezuela, something that I am
sure Lula would not be proud of, as he
seems more of a democrat than Chavez his cohorts are.

I certainly
hope, when and if Rosales wins, that he will remind Lula of what he said and did,
as he exposes the corruption and crime of Chavez and his cronies. While I do
hope that Rosales manages the country’s reconciliation, there are crimes,
particularly human rights violations and corruption, that I do hope he is unforgiving
about. I also hope that that those pollsters that are putting out fake numbers
and are advising and visiting the Vice-President’s office three times a week are
exposed for what they are: men for sale for the highest bidder.
apparently Lula has been doing some of that bidding or sharing the results.

Brazil should be a friendly neighbor, but to all Venezuelans, not one side, least of all one which pretends to impose a single party, stop the free flow of ideas and perpetuate a nutty autocrat in power.

Lula should
be ashamed of himself.