RSF issues another sharp criticism of the Chavez Government

May 31, 2007

And Reporters Without Borders (RSF), who nobody can question where it stands in the political and ethical spectrum, in contrast to its unrelated cousin PSF, issues another precise and priceless statement, which includes jewels such as these:

“By calling Globovisión’s staff ‘enemies of the
motherland’ and by clearly threatening participants in its broadcasts
‘if they don’t calm down,’ President Chávez is displaying paranoia and
intolerance,” the press freedom organisation said”

“Unfortunately, there is no longer any doubt
about his goals,” Reporters Without Borders added. “RCTV’s closure was
just the prelude to the progressive disappearance of all the opposition
press. Media that criticise the government will be snuffed out one by
one until only the pro-government media are left.”

Without Borders also condemns the activities, reported by the Agencia
Bolivariana de Noticias, of a group of pro-Chávez journalists called
“Periodistas por la Verdad,” who have been trying to get people to
believe that two supposed Reporters Without Borders members – Enzo
Pierini et Carlos Folchi – were distributing leaflets containing hate
messages targeted at President Chávez.”

“These allegations are unfounded and ridiculous, and the press freedom organisation does not know these two people.”

“It is easy for the authorities to condone this
kind of slur while refusing our requests for a meeting during the
fact-finding trip we made to Venezuela from 24 to 28 May,” Reporters
Without Borders said. “And it seems they did not agree that the news
conference we gave on the last day should be broadcast live and in full
by Globovisión”

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