Take it easy Mr. President by Teodoro Petkoff

May 31, 2007

Take it easy Mr. President by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Tell me what you boast about and I will tell you what your failures are. “If we had to launch another April 13th. I will command it myself”. There is the portrait of the man that trapped in the Military museum, did not command anything on February 4th. 1992, the same way he did nothing on Nov. 27th. 2002, nor on April 11th. Nor April 13th. 2002.

In any case, with his military credentials, victory looks dubious. All of the hang ups of someone who does not have neither a Moncada nor a Sierra Maestra behind him, are trapped in that phrase. The sick need for a personal epic leads him to try to create the junctures that will give it to him.

We can’t give him that pleasure.

Because it is clear he wants to provoke such a situation. You only had to hear him yesterday.

The dangerous incitement to violent confrontation which was his call “for the barrios to come down” constituted a mayor irresponsibility. He is not truly addressing the people but the armed paramilitary and parapolice bands, heavily armed, that the Government has promoted throughout these years.

Some of them have already left their brutal mark in the last few days, in Caracas and in Valencia. That implies substituting regular bodies to maintain public order by irregular ones, not only trained for this task, but inclined towards irrational violence.

Does Chávez have full conscience of the barbarity he is promoting? Of the disasters that the application of his line of conduct could cause? Chávez appears to be losing his composure, the “nerves of steel” that he was recently calling for. And he has his reasons. Everything has gone wrong for him lately. The PUS is not unique or unified and those registered are like his ten million voters, ghostly; union leaders are now responding to him; he is forced to postpone the constitutional reform because he feels that the time is not ripe and to top it all what he did to RCTV has gravely bruised him.

To top it all off, as if he did not have enough problems, he launches an absurd threat against Globovision, to support for the nth. time the silly accusation that they want to kill him.

How long will he do this!

Knowing that this grave rape of the nation would not go unnoticed, he and his supporters devoted themselves to satanize in advance and still today, the logical popular protest. And that is what people are doing. Protesting. There is no plan here to overthrow the government. There is no coup in the works. The fact that he feels bruised by the goal he scored on himself is something else. All of the official rhetoric on that matter, before and after the closing of RCTV, has been nothing but a clumsy attempt to criminalize a legitimate protest. They thought they were going to be able to scare people away. They did not succeed. The country turned against it. But those students that have taken to the streets direct themselves. Nobody is manipulating them. There is no hairy hand behind them. The language of Pedro Carreño, today just like yesterday, is the same as that of all Ministers of the Interior. But if you examine the events you will see that, today, much like yesterday, the key factor in excesses is the police and the National Guard. It has always been that way. People are exercising their rights.

Without hoods. Moving forward.

Backed by the Constitution.

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