Tascon/Chavez fascist list alive and well at Sincor

July 18, 2007

I have written extensiely about the fascist Tascon/Chavez list, which has been used extensively by the Chavze Government to discriminate Venezuelans according to their political preferences. The list has been used repeatedly by the Government to fire, deny contracts and benefits and only delusional fanatics of the autocrat/dictator continue going around denyin its use for political purposes.

While some Venezuelans thought teh use of the list ended with Chavez’ public recognition of its use and existence when he said on a Sunday Alo President quite a while ago, all evidence point to the opposite: The list is alive and well and continues to be used without scruples as not even the autocrat can now contain the hate and tools for hate he unleashed on those Venezuelans that are against his abuses.

The latest example is documented in today’s Tal Cual, when we are told about how four young engineers of heavy crude partnership Sincor were fired this week without explanation. Sincor is one of the projects in which PDVSA forced a 60% majrity on its partners on June 26th. and the company is now running the project.

The four engineers, whose names are Andrés Pieve, Laura Atencio, Nataly Barcia Durán and Zully Álvarez were simply called and told they were no longer working at Sincor.

Of curse, by now Chavista readers are saying they were probably fired for incompetence, bad manners or whatever and nobody can prove they were fired for opposing Chavez’ autocracy. Except that Tal Cual got hold of a carefully elaborated list in which each employee of Sincor is judged according to whether they signed for the consultative referendum, for the recall vote or had their signature repaired. This list is shown here including the names of those fired. An elaborate system of X’s next to each name and each referenda was placed next to each person’s name to determine whether they were “apt’ to continue working in the country’s oil industry. The four fired recently are clearly marked with a V and they all signed against Chavez, failing to pass the loyalty grade. None of those considered “apt” has been fired and those not yet fired with X’s next to their name are sure that they will soon join their co-workers in the ranks of the unemployed.

And some fools will continue in denial, much like Germany during Hitler or when the McCarthy list was being used in the US to blacklist and discriminate. And when it is all over, they will also claim they did not know, but we will know better

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