The rambling, illogical mind of the Chavista revolution

July 6, 2010

(The commune will give you all the power that I feel like giving to you)

PSUV: Communists? No, we are not communists, ask the Venezuelan Communist party (PCV)

PCV: Communism? No, why would we want communism in Venezuela? This is a media campaign against the Government of Hugo Chavez which clearly states that it is Socialist, not communist. This is just the opposition, trying to accuse us of being communist. We have been communists for a long time, but really, a communist country in Venezuela? We really don’t want that.What we want is communes. That is soooo different. The root is the same, the word is way different.

Aristobulo: Remember me? I am no longer around, but boy I would love to be somebody in Chavez’ Government, so I come on TV every two weeks and defend Chavez. Today’s version: “The opposition flip flops between terrorism and elections” Sounds good, no? Hope Chavez sees it and he forgets that I talked about him smoking an egg roll.I don’t want to live in a commune, I have too much money for that.

Minister of Communication: We don’t understand why the opposition keeps talking about rotten food and forgets the sacred burial of Simon Bolivar’s mistress Manuelita Sanz. They are not patriots. What could be more important than her burial. They want to deny our history. The food may be rotten, but we brought Manuelita’s remains into the country. Both rotten, but we are very happy, after all, we would all like to be you know who’s mistress.

Chavez: The Cardinal is a troglodyte, this is really an endearing term. It has nothing to do with communism. It has to do with the Catholic church in Venezuela, they are bourgeois, they love to have their …hand kissed. But listen to Escarra, we may like communism after all. The church does not want communes.

Chorus: The words commune and communism are similar, but they are not even related. It is all coincidental. Chavez wants communes, but not communism. It is very simple. The Communist Party is pro-communes, not pro-communism. It’s like saying Fidel is a communist, No, times have changed. Cuba has matured, so has Venezuela. We only want communes, no opposition, no communism. Can you opposition people please leave the country? It would make our life and that of the communes so much easier. In fact,  if you guys leave, we could get a higher percentage of the vote. Like Fidel.

So, just remember, communes not equal communism, opposition should leave, church should leave. Aristobulo can stay.

Get it?

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  1. Roy Says:

    Kolya, Canuck,

    Thanks guys. I came back to see if I would get a blast from you-know-who.

    Oh, and Kolya, I watched the video. Funny stuff, though you do need to have some science grounding to get a lot of it.

  2. Kolya Says:

    Totally agree with Island Canuck. Well said, Roy.

    But to throw a wrinkle to all you skeptics, I dare you to watch this video of a TED talk by John Hodgman (the dorky PC guy) on, among other things, whether Enrico Fermi was an alien from outer space. The audience of the short talk were top scientists and cutting edge entrepreneurs. Hodgman’s evidence is certainly intriguing.

  3. island canuck Says:

    Very well said Roy

  4. Roy Says:

    The problem with trying to have a discussion with Sr. Astera is that we can’t agree on what constitutes credible evidence. He may well be able to “prove” every one of his assertions, but I would not be likely to give credence to his sources. From his perspective, he rejects all mainstream reporting and research as having been manufactured by the conspirators, and therefore will not accept it as credible evidence.

    As with the psychotic’s delusions, I can’t argue rationally against his beliefs. Our starting point is a completely different set of evidence. All I can do is point that most others have come to different conclusions.

    Of course, just because “everyone believes” something doesn’t make it so. In many cases there is absolutely no correlation between commonly held belief and truth. I suppose that there exists a non-zero possibility that he right and all of us are wrong. There is also a non-zero possibility that we are all living in computer generated fantasy called the “Matrix”, but I don’t waste much time thinking about it.

    Philosophical musings about epistemology aside, in order to function in the context of a human society, it is necessary to accept and share some bare minimum of givens with the rest of the members of that society. Those who reject that premise tend to be called “crazy”, “loony”, “deranged”, and/or “psychotic” as well as any number of other terms, both vernacular and technical.

  5. firepigette Says:


    As Edward R Murrow was a cousin of mine I must defend his honor a bit here.
    “There are not two sides to every story; there is only the truth.”

    This statement is very usefulif understood and used properly.It can be used when people are defending the stance of always trying to be neutral instead of objective, as for example in Venezuela when folks instead of presenting Chavismo in a negative light they look for ways to defend it with the pretense that they are being fair and balanced.

    In the case of Chavismo many Ninis and Nini defenders have done great harm to our country with this stance.

    Truth is not usually fair and balanced.Truth often lies to a side.

    However, stating that particular ” truism” does not make what you or anyone else says, necessarily true in any absolute sense.

    I do not share your opinions, however I do give you the right to express them without insults and denigrations .If we fall into insults we must at least recognize our own inner subjectivity.

    We have to remember that the truth is a process that is unfolding and largely in the mind of those who believe.Even if an act occurs in the outer world and can be proven to have occurred beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is always the question of meaning.People attach meanings to events.

    Not too many truths are absolute even if because the meaning of something is inside an individual and its understanding goes according to the capability of each one.

    Better not to argue truths maybe and just stick to opinions.

  6. Kepler Says:

    Astera, there is so much rubbish you are talking about. Where did you study about evolution and genetics in general? The “white” did not appear overnight. It seems you get most of your information from some weird Celtic-Germanic New Age Neo-Nazi site.

    A couple of very general books with some information about BC 10000:

    1) Out of Eden, by Oppenheimer – mostly genetics (no, no religious stuff in spite of the name), US edition is

    2) After the Ice

  7. Kolya Says:

    Astera, you read right through me. You are absolutely correct: I’m a cowardly and insignificant minion of my masters, the Elders of Zion. Poor me, I’m caught between the perfidious cruelty of my merciless masters and your honorable but righteous wrath.

    As to the stuff in italics (that you said you posted earlier somewhere else), well, I don’t find it outrageous at all. I actually agree with a lot of it, and disagree with parts of it too. The main thing, though, is that there is nothing really kooky or vile in that post.

    On the other hand, I do find totally loony your assertion that 9/11 attack on the WTC and the Pentagon was a Mossad/CIA operation. I find your Judeophobia vile and repellent. Your belief that “the Levites” spent the last 2,000 years undermining and trying to destroy your Northern European spiritual and cultural heritage are evidence of blind antisemitism (and you know what I mean by me saying your are an anti-Semite.) Your belief that Fidel, Chavez and Obama are puppets of the same master is laughable. Your speculation that the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a hoax is beyond absurd, etc, etc.

    Oh, and thanks for that link. I might check it out. I’m sure it will be entertaining reading.

  8. m_astera Says:

    OK, try this one, which I posted on another blog earlier today:

    “Chavez is still in control of the gov’t, taking his directions from Fidel. He has replaced the country’s security and much of its admin and military with Cubans taking orders directly from Havana. Hugo’s motive for this is to remain in power for life, like his hero and role model Fidel. However, Hugo isn’t nearly as smart as Fidel, Venezuela isn’t an island, and the Venz people are not at all like the Cubans, so the plan won’t work (isn’t working).

    There was a big oil bubble (around a trillion US$) during the early 2000s of which perhaps half was used to buy friends and influence abroad, the rest stolen and sitting in offshore accounts or just pissed away. The country is now broke, there’s been a serious brain drain of educated people leaving, most farming and manufacturing have shut down or been “nationalized” and run into the ground. Hugo is doing his best to sell off the country’s remaining resources to the Chinese or anyone else who will give him money, which could work except that there is no one with brains allowed in any official capacity. (The Cubans are a bit of an exception, but they are brainwashed and as noted, this isn’t Cuba)

    The political opposition to Chavez is just the old guard that he replaced who want to get their noses back in the trough. The whole country is a complete disaster and the populace is clueless top to bottom. I’m laughing but it’s true.

    So anything could happen, except that which the various sociopaths have planned and will try to implement. Those days are gone and they won’t get far, either the commies or the fascists. Really the ideology is beside the point, none of the players give a rat’s ass about anything except lining their own nest or gaining power and control.”

    There are any number of blogs where, if I posted that, I would get the same sort of mindless, vituperative abuse that I have been getting here, from the same type of brainwashed products. The brainwashing varies, the products don’t vary much. All of them know, absolutely and without any doubt, that what they have been told to believe and have unquestioningly accepted is the sacred truth.

    Here’s a question, not that it will get any consideration but only for my own entertainment: Just why would you, or anyone, think that the statements above are not to be allowed or considered? In what sort of land is it that certain things may not be questioned?

    Here’s a quote from the journalist Edward R Murrow that I like a lot:

    “There are not two sides to every story; there is only the truth.”

    It seems you, like all fanatics, know the real and only truth. Anyone who questions your religious belief is a heretic, and all you need do is demonstrate that someone is questioning your dogma to “prove” to yourself and all of your co-religionists that the heretic must die.

    Can you grasp the fact that I don’t give a damn about the programs you have swallowed, nor about your opinion of me? Why would I, or anyone with a functioning brain, care about what you think? I am far past finding close-minded ignorance entertaining or surprising.

    I happen to like ideas, and I don’t confine myself to any list of ideas that someone has decided are acceptable. Politics and history aren’t even my main topics; I find science and spirituality much more interesting. I have argued extensively that the source of heat and light from the sun is not a fusion reaction, but rather an electric arc phenomenon. The “straight” cosmologists attack that heresy in a manner identical to your attacks. Sorry, thinking outside the permitted box is NOT allowed, slave. You WILL believe and parrot what you have been told to believe.

    Now, if you want to really find some outrageous comments that I have made, you are barely scratching the surface. Try this entry at my New Agriculture blog:

    Hope you start to get the picture: You have demonstrated your shallowness and pettiness for all who have eyes to see. Why would anyone care what you think?

  9. Kolya Says:

    No Astera, I have no interest in refuting you. That will be a total waste of time. Are there are many in this forum to whom I should disprove your ridiculous statement that 9/11 was not an act of Islamic terrorists, but instead it was a Mossad/CIA operation? It is sufficient for me to inform folks in this forum (including, Firepig, one of your backers) some of the things you believe in.

    So I’ll take this opportunity to add a few more of your pearls of wisdom.


    Michael Astera quotes:

    Q: Why does the rest of the world wish to come to and partake of the richness of opportunity available in Europe and the other countries founded by the Northern European peoples? Are there more resources there? No. What is there is an ethic of honor and valor and fairness.

    Why is that to be found nowhere else? If that is desirable, why has it not been created and employed by other peoples of the world?

    Another Q: Why have the Levites and Khazars spent the last 2000 years trying to undermine and destroy this very culture that exemplifies fairness and honor?

    The Levites destroyed the spiritual heritage of my ancestors with their bastardized religion, destroyed that heritage much more thoroughly than the culture of the Native Americans was destroyed. What was left? A few symbols well hidden in the margins of such as the Book of Kells, a few rare examples of that mastery of metals that the “dwarfs” had, a few carved pieces of stone. Everything else was lost, buried, torn down, burned alive.

    Now I see the choices that fools have accepted, capitalism vs communism. Both were invented by the same sociopaths. Would you rather have your bread smeared with shit or rancid pus? Sorry, plain bread is not an option.

    Re: The BP Deep water horizon, Macondo Well Blowout. and what we are facing in the Gulf.

    This is a test post. Is this forum run by Zionists?

    Let me be clear here: I despise the Rothschild/Israel government and everything they have done, everything. They are pure scum and they know they are.

    If this site is not run by Zionists I have something to add to the discussion, which has nothing to do with Zionism, but with soil chemistry, because that is what I do. So, if this post shows up, this is good. I don’t think it will though.

    No fear, here I am.

    Michael Astera
    Porlamar, Venezuela


    m_astera said… Well, we are getting into all sorts of fun esoterica here, so I’ll toss in another of my favorites.

    What if the whole atomic bomb thing is a hoax? No such thing. Doesn’t work. They tried to make one in the 1940s and found out no go. So they dropped fakes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; dropped fuel-air bombs laced with radioactive trash on wood and rice paper cities. BIG boom, plenty of heat, plenty of destruction, charred people to ashes where they stood and the survivors ended up with radiation sickness and associated diseases.

    Then they used the fear and threat of that to keep the world an armed camp called the Cold War, while looting the treasuries of all nations. All a scam.

    Every single atomic bomb test? Faked. Those who learn how to do the fake well, get inducted into the nuclear weapons club.

    Too wild? Answer me this: If there are, and have been, tens of thousands of explosive nuclear weapons of all shapes and sizes for the past sixty-some years, why hasn’t even one ever been used, ever, since 1945? Not enough crazy people who would use it? Hell, they have used everything they have come up with that works over and over and over. Not even one little nuke? Why?

    Maybe because the whole concept is bad science?

    On another topic, google says there are currently “about 5.7 million” Jews living in Israel.


    m_astera said…

    If we take a little look at who decided, over the past 100 years, that we all came out of Africa, surprise! It’s the same people who gave us the holocaust, racial equivalence, radical feminism, in-your-face gay “rights”, the mechanical universe, predatory State communism and capitalism, the UN, and more to the point, told us we all evolved from apes.

    I think there is a much better chance that several of the various races of humanity on Earth were seeded here while others were genetically manipulated. Why did white skin and blonde hair suddenly show up around 11,000 years ago? Just one of those Darwinian mutations I guess. Mutated a whole new race overnight.

    On the other hand, it seems likely that the “natives” of this planet are those presently known as the bushmen of Africa and Australia.

    It’s likely, given the modern tools of DNA analysis, that we could sort this whole race thing out in short order. It’s also a sure bet that as long as those Les has dubbed the “self chosen” are running science, academia, and the media all we will get are lies.


    Astera, don’t flatter yourself. If folks don’t bother in refuting you, it is not because you are correct. The truth is that in this forum there is absolutely no need to refute you. It’s sufficient to show readers of this blog the sort of beliefs you have.

  10. m_astera Says:

    Kolya, please. If you are going to spend your time finding posts I made on other websites in order to try to discredit me, at least spend some time trying to disprove my statements.

    Simply listing things that you have been told not to talk about because they are forbidden in your little world proves nothing.

    I have stated more than once on this blog that I post nothing that I am not willing to back up, and I mean that. Neither you nor anyone else here has even tried to disprove or refute anything I have written. One lame link to a debunking site does not count.

    I understand the world of fear that you live in, fear of social disapproval if you say something that is not promulgated and approved by the corporate media and educational system. I don’t live in fear like that, but I get it, OK?

    I’m sure you will have no problem gaining the approval of your fellow cowards and corporate bootlickers (yes, I mean that seriously) but if you are going to re-post something I have written, show the intelligence to refute it; otherwise you are simply demonstrating your cowardice.

    I will stand by everything I write, and back it up with documentation and references. Want to try me?

  11. island canuck Says:


    I knew Michael was a little bit more out there than most people but that really closes the lid. Definitely a certified loony.

  12. Kolya Says:

    Off-topic update on m_astera:

    On June 9, 2010 (a month ago), m_astera wrote:

    “Muslims did not bring down the twin towers or bldg 7 on 9/11, that was a Mossad and CIA operation, a false flag set up to blame Muslims and start wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for Israel’s benefit. That has been shown beyond any reasonable doubt. If you still don’t know these things in 2010, you are truly not interested in the truth.”

    On January 15, 2006, m_astera wrote:

    “Morpheus, would you care to give us a source for this figure of three million jews gassed? There is no mention of gassing anyone in the writings of DeGaulle, Churchill, Eisenhower, or in the post WWII report of the International Red Cross (issued 1948, I think).
    To the best of my knowledge, the only source for these sort of statements is the testimony from Nuremberg, where all of the judges and inquisitors were jews, and where most if not all of the “confessions” were gotten by torture. That, and florid holocaust memoirs written by jews. Why are there no holocaust memoirs by the gypsies, queers, and other victims of the nazis that mention gassing or burning?”

  13. m_astera Says:

    I’m trying to imagine how an agricultural communal society would work in Venezuela.

    Say, 15 million barrio dwellers from the cities relocated to the countryside and given shovels and seeds. Ya gotta laugh.

    Or is the reference to some other sort of commune, perhaps one where the proletariat decide as a group how to distribute the wages of maids, day laborers, buhoneros, street crime, kidnappings, bribes, and whatever goods show up at the Mercal?

    Off-topic update from the Voice of America site:

    “US Professors Raise Doubts About Report on South Korean Ship Sinking”–98098809.html

  14. Kepler Says:


    And I think you are right.

  15. loroferoz Says:

    I have come to the point where I do not care really what Chavez & Co. say about what they are or are not.

    Because on one hand it’s obfuscation. Pure obfuscation of their real intentions as they close in for the kill.

    On the other, whether they are some new kind of “humanists”, “socialists” or old-style communists, we are the prey. Make no mistake.

    Not that they are clear themselves what they want Venezuela to be, or how to get there. Socialism is still a pipe dream. They purport to have a sacred mission to turn Venezuela into some or other utopia they cannot even imagine by means that are not clear.

    What these guys are not is respectful of others’ rights. Too petty for such grand mumbo-jumbo.

    It’s not like we will be able to talk, travel, work and prosper, or decide anything about our lives (or even live in the most extreme cases) if these guys have their way with us.

    Of course, this might not mean old-style communism. That’s probably beyond their reach anyhow. But Russians and Burmese and Zimbabweans are not precisely safe from their government’s whims either.

    It has not yet come to real, deadly violence. Everyone but criminals and sociopaths loses if it comes to violence. Certainly we don’t want to get there and that’s the reason we have to defuse the bombs they are planting in Venezuelan society.

    Our task is to sow skepticism, to counter that political pipe dreams are just that, and that you can extrapolate the future of “Socialist” Venezuela from it’s dreadful present. And to question that dreadfulness until people begin demanding that the practices that produced it end.

  16. Gordo Says:

    I believe the original issue was that the circuitous rhetorical journey of Hugo Chavez has finally arrived at the long anticipated admission that he is a communist.

    The proposed issue was whether or not this revelation provides a political opportunity that the opposition should seek to exploit while it is still fresh.

    Then, there is an issue as to whether he really is a communist, whether he really understands communism, and what communism is, etc.

    This incident was a reaction to the Catholic church making a public statement that has political implications. If Chavez calls Cardinal Archbishop Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas as a “troglodyte,” he is trying to demonstrate his super power while demean the person.

  17. A_Antonio Says:

    On other subject, the comments about colonial times and slavery remember me these similarities: comunas, trueque (barter), communal money = Hacienda Colonial, trueque (barter) between slaves or hacienda workers, ships or hacienda (“Señor”) money.

    Slavery and colonial times are not so far away for the future.

  18. A_Antonio Says:

    I think we are have already very enough of people disappeared politically and physically, to call anybody to identified by himself, more if he is not Chavizta and he said so.

    Guillermo already is aware of his past comment, and say he is sorry. The comment was already erased.

    I am sorry too, because that we do not have freedom of speech because others or relatives carries with the consequences.

  19. Impartial Says:

    “Guillermo, do you really have the balls? Why don’t you say that AND identify yourself, preferably in your own blog as you are stating a position that is not shared by Miguel and that could put him (not you) in trouble?”

    You’ve talked a lot of trash over the year, Kep and remain anonymous. Why don’t you identify yourself, chicken?

  20. A_Antonio Says:


    A comment, some times your are very hard with people.

    Maybe, you have the reason or the truth, but you hard talk is difficult to swallow. More difficult to let to agree you on something.

  21. m_astera Says:


    “By the way: slavery was mostly abolished in Venezuela because having slaves
    was no longer profitable. Slave owners had in principle to guarantee feeding them. After the liberation, they did not have to do that. It was hard time for Venezuelan exports back then.
    As it happened slaves were liberated, which meant very little as the new “freemen” and “free women” were very much in debt and had to go on working for the same, but with less guarantees.

    Yup. Same in the USA. The US Civil War was NOT about slavery.

    FYI, Osama bin Laden likely died of kidney failure in December of 2001. His funeral notice was published in Islamic papers.

    July 1, 2010

    This week, CIA director Leon Panetta, admitted there has been no information on Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts since “the early 2000s.” During briefings with the directors of Pakistan’s information and intelligence agencies it was confirmed that Osama bin Laden had been killed, as stated by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, in 2001. “Informed sources,” senior Pakistani commanders who worked with the CIA and bin Laden against the Soviets back in the 1980s, had confirmed Osama bin Laden’s death, as reported in the mainstream Islamic news, as having occurred on December 15, 2001.

    The “killed” part is doubtful. The last documented Western contact with bin Laden was while he was in the hospital in Saudi Arabia in July of 2001 being treated for kidney disease, when he was visited by the CIA. It’s pretty hard to haul a dialysis machine around from cave to cave.

  22. Guillermo Says:

    Kepler: Guillermo, do you really have the balls?

    And I forgot to answer: Yes I do. What I lack is the genius and clarity of concept that is required to become a leader that can sway and guide the masses in the right direction. That is what I’m waiting for. But I know it can take many years for that to happen.
    But rest assured, as history teach, it WILL happen. And then I will go out to the streets and do what it needs to be done with no regrets and no fear of my own whiskey… 😉

  23. Guillermo Says:

    Kepler: And so the problem now is me? It only asked my comments to be removed out of a legal concern about the owner of the site. As for my own blog, I don’t have one and I really cannot afford the time to maintain one. I also have portuguese, black and indian blood. But hey, a fallacy ad hominem against me is the best answer you could get at?
    This is the main issue I was talking about in the first place: While the opposition people share the same attitude as yourself, bragging against each other using several fallacies such as your own ad hominem, PSUV is still getting bigger by day, and day and day. Your answer is just an example of how misguided (and if a may say, arrogant) is that other 5%.
    Venezuelan History is full of such things, and also of inventions designed to light the imagination of the 95% (the oath at Monte Sacro, the honesty and dignity of Simon Bolivar’s parents, among many other tales of heroic deeds that are supposed to set an example for the rest of us). In the end, we are just a very young and immature society that still is holding back to “see what happens next”, so you guys don’t have to sacrifice your whyskey, or your dinners at Churchill restaurant, La Estancia or whatever. So society does nothing to really change the statu quo.

    So no. I respectfully reject your position, and have demonstrated its inherent invalidy through a simple fallacy identification. 😉


  24. A_Antonio Says:

    The owner of this site is who change my view for “The Final Solution”.

    The problem is not only Chavez, is the all, opposition, Chavez and “the people”.

    Venezuelans have to learn by the hard and slow way, for example, that Chavez is clear the result of a democracy founded in sands. That the oil as a lie, that tells “you win the lottery” only by born or by live in Venezuela.

    Easy rich without work, Economy bad founded (in imports only economy) and without any planning.

    Nobody before him, (he do not too) makes real effort to teach something to the people, maybe with “Acude” or Mariscal Ayacucho Becas, but they (politicians) did not maintain the efforts in the time, the plans were change like the presidents.

    So the people have to learn by experiencies.

    After lesson learned, Venezuela will take decades to recover.

    But recovery will be a lesson by itself.

  25. Kepler Says:

    Guillermo, do you really have the balls? Why don’t you say that AND identify yourself, preferably in your own blog as you are stating a position that is not shared by Miguel and that could put him (not you) in trouble?

    By the way: slavery was mostly abolished in Venezuela because having slaves
    was no longer profitable. Slave owners had in principle to guarantee feeding them. After the liberation, they did not have to do that. It was hard time for Venezuelan exports back then.
    As it happened slaves were liberated, which meant very little as the new “freemen” and “free women” were very much in debt and had to go on working for the same, but with less guarantees.

    Now, if you are Venezuelan and you are talking about those Venezuelans from the XIX century being your ancestors (thus, you are not a recent immigrant): do you realise you also come at least in part from slaves? I wonder if you actually resent there are no slaves anymore.

  26. Guillermo Says:

    😦 I checked what Antonio said about the illegality of calling for arms or even speak about Chavez close to the word “kill”. Please remove my comments and the log files regarding these ASAP.

  27. Guillermo Says:

    Dear Kepler: Actually Venezuela got its Independence thanks to the very not-taken-into-account fact that the Spaniards at the time were all disorganized, broken and disjointed. If not a single venezuelan had not done anything back then, we would still get “independent” if thats what you call it. Our history is just a remembrances of the individual grace of a few literate man who thought their efforts would be justified before the majority.

    The Federal Revolution and the abolishment of slavery? They were just one example of the same Robolution nowadays. The leaders of the Federal Revolution just needed to secure more votes and numbers.

    And BTW, I do apologize to the owner of this site because of the legal implications of what I have said. Please remove my comments.

  28. Kepler Says:

    And you think that saying that requires balls? If people disagree with you on the solutions it is because they have no balls?

    Geez…it does not take much to say anything in a blog, but for Miguel, who is very identifiable.

    Change and J.F. Kennedy’ murder? Are you round the bend?
    Do you have any idea about what happened in North America for it to be independent? Venezuela got its independence with much more deaths and that actually led to one of the worst losses in brain power we had for a long time: most of those who died first were the ones with some brains and/or education.

    The best that could happen to Chavismo is to have a pseudo-martyr.

  29. A_Antonio Says:

    sorry (Literate or not)

  30. A_Antonio Says:


    I hate Chavez more than you know.

    But, I know killing only will be a moment relief. Do not solve problems in long run.

    But, The blog belongs an owner that can have problem in Venezuela. So your comment can have consequences for innocent people, individual or collective.


    So I am worry not only about Venezuela but for “the people” (letarate or not) that live there.

    I think your comment will be erase any time soon.

  31. Guillermo Says:

    Why would anybody would worry about deaths in Caracas? Venezuela is still and will remain a totally fucked-up country until “the people” decides otherwise. It’s a basic political premise that cannot be denied nor ignored. Why O’ why the 5% of population (of which all of you dear posters belong to) still rants about Chavez and NOT about the causes that made Chavez into what he is now: a true representative of “the people”, and I mean by that, the other 95% of venezuelans who barely can speak spanish (at a rate of some 200 different words in their vocabulary, because the don’t know nor they want to know it anyways), and much less know some english?
    Yep! I know is sad, but the main issue is that opossition representatives suck, they don’t have the balls to call for an uprising, or to kill or assassinate the President. It’s just that WE think that we are BETTER than other countries, so we must not kill for politics? Come on! Give me a break hypocrits.
    THe big social and political decisions and/or changes in societies (the US, the UK and ALL first world countries) HAVE BEEN PRECEDEED with a nice killing spree. Weather this killing affects just one person (i.e. J.K. Kennedy) or several, depends of the taste of the opposition people.
    We don’t have even the luxury to at least HEAR anybody’s call to arms or to kill at least Chavez. It’s a taboo all right.
    So we change the terms of the argument into a more “palatable” premise: Lets give the 95% of population who do not give a damn about ANYTHING (not even language), and let’s show’em we are NICE and CIVIL and WELL EDUCATED and LETS CALL FOR A MARCH or A DEMONSTRATION!. Fuck it.
    Everytime I go with my family I just keep wondering when it is going to be my turn to have my head at the tip of a malandro’s gun. And also, I keep seeing that most of my very well educated neighbors are waiting all week just to get to the beach or fly to miami, so they complain about CADIVI, but I have never seen them at the Prefecture or the Police filing a written complaint, nor I have seen any of them without having a bottle of good all 18+ years old whiskey at home.
    So… if they (the 5%) are not willing to sacrifice even their whiskey, why would I expect any changes in the goverment for the next 20 years? So… I will vote fo chavez and chavistas until the fuck up all everything and everybody until the 100%, one day wakes up as ONE and kick ass all those motherfuckers OUT of the country, even if that means Me or my own family will suffer the consequences.
    Who, among you, have the balls to say the same?

  32. Kepler Says:


    Who says so? I recently watched a special programme on German ZDF channel (one of the main ones) just about murder in Venezuela. They sent a journalist, a German correspondent usually working from Rio who speaks Spanish without any accent. I have seen several other programmes where they mention it on ARD (the other main public TV station) and Deutsche Welle, I am sure they do the same in the private TV stations. I have read about it in Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    This is a tiny country and we see the French and Dutch press and it is the same. You get to read more about Venezuela in a free train newspaper than in the average newspaper in the English world.

    Even The Economist – you know, that communist magazine from Europe –
    mentions it often in its articles on Venezuela.

    Just terrorists? Just terrorists? RGW, are you Venezuelan? I really want to know how come you think like that, where you get your view of the world. Do you have any idea of the amount of children and women that get killed by the occupation army? And I suppose these are also terrorists:
    These were the ones murdered today but that happens basically every single week and sometimes it is much worse.
    It happens CONSTANTLY! It seems the marines learn to shoot while drunk or something.
    For Goodness sake, just google
    “Nato airstrike civilians” and vary the theme
    a wee bit.
    If you happen to speak another language than
    English you will see the list is much larger.

    And I suppose this Wikipedia page is absolutely bunkers, probably edited by Osama Bin Laden himself. I suppose if you just killed him, freedom will get much closer to the world outside the US.

  33. A_Antonio Says:


    AFP Agency, cited by El Universo Newspaper, Ecuador.

    “El número de homicidios por armas de fuego en Venezuela se situó en 16.094 durante el 2009, 1.265 más que el año anterior y la cifra más alta registrada en el país durante los últimos 11 años, según las cifras de la dirección de estadística de la Policía científica.

    Caracas resultó ser la ciudad más violenta del país, con 2.897 homicidios por armas de fuego, 372 más que en el 2008.”

    “Según la organización Observatorio Venezolano de la Violencia, en Caracas se registran unos 100 homicidios por cada 100.000 habitantes, mientras que la tasa mundial ronda los 9 asesinatos por cada 100.000 personas.”


    ” Un total de 2513 homicidios se han registrado en Caracas durante el primer semestre de este año (2010) . Las cifras presentadas por el concejal metropolitano, Freddy Guevara,”

    Close in numbers of Primera Pagina Newspaper, should worry somebody.

  34. A_Antonio Says:

    Source New from AFP: “El número de homicidios por armas de fuego en Venezuela se situó en 16.094 durante el 2009, 1.265 más que el año anterior y la cifra más alta registrada en el país durante los últimos 11 años, según las cifras de la dirección de estadística de la Policía científica.

    Caracas resultó ser la ciudad más violenta del país, con 2.897 homicidios por armas de fuego, 372 más que en el 2008.”

    Someones round to 20.000 for 2009.

    “Un total de 2513 homicidios se han registrado en Caracas durante el primer semestre de este año. Las cifras presentadas por el concejal metropolitano, Freddy Guevara”

    Close to the news of Primera Pagina, is near true and should worry somebody.

  35. RWG Says:

    A Antonio,

    “Murders in Caracas for the first semester of 2010 is more that the total of 2009”. (Primera Hora).

    Can you find how many were murdered in Caracas in 2009 and so far in 2010?

    I am continually trying to get the media to pay attention to real world problems. For example, armed and attacking terrorists are killed in the middle east and the media goes bonkers for weeks on horrible it is for these poor civilians. Yet, more innocent civilians are killed annually in Caracas than in all of war infested Iraq and the international media is asleep.

    The media needs to pay attention to crime in Venezuela and stop giving Chavez a free pass.

  36. island canuck Says:

    Deanna, he hasn’t been entirely quiet.

    “Dijo Moronta: “Quisiera expresarle mi fraterna solidaridad al señor cardenal. Es verdad que uno puede o no tener la coincidencia de opiniones, pero en una democracia se debe respetar las opiniones y las posturas y por eso me parece que decir que el cardenal es un indigno y un troglodita, no es propio de la investidura del presidente”, declaró Moronta a la emisora caraqueña Unión Radio.”

  37. Deanna Says:

    If that’s what Aristobulo has in Swiss bank account, I wonder what the others have (including Chavez because he can’t be the only fool in the bunch)!!! As for the Cardinal being a troglodyte, it’s about time that Mario Moronta responded to one of Chavez’s rants. As far as I know, he hasn’t made any critical comments about Chavez in the past 11 years (I also know that Chavez is a close family friend; he went to the funeral of Monsignor Moronta’s father some few years back).

  38. A_Antonio Says:

    Four proposed subjects to comments:

    1) “Operations with bonds cut by halft (like 20 millions) in BCV controlled market”. Is the market satisfied yet? (El Mundo).

    2) “Bank litigates increase 165% in car’s credits as Venezuelans can not pay the credits”. (El Mundo).

    3) “Murders in Caracas for the first semester of 2010 is more that the total of 2009”. (Primera Hora).

    4) Venezuela Gas imports of hydrocarbon gas increase by 20%. (El Nacional).

    All good news from Venezuelan comunism.

  39. island canuck Says:

    Gustavo Coronel has published a copy of a Swiss bank account that may belong to Aristobulo with a balance on US$9,653,879.19.

    LOL! I’d love to be a communist. 🙂

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