Way cool! Mario Vargas Llosa gets Literature Prize

October 7, 2010

Don’t have to say much, exciting and fun that he got it, have been reading him since La Casa Verde came out, too many years ago.

10 Responses to “Way cool! Mario Vargas Llosa gets Literature Prize”

  1. OldSouth Says:

    Felicidades! Un momento orgulloso para todos.

    Well-deserved, and long overdue.


  2. maracucho importado Says:

    incredible that garcia marquez, would support chaves , as he wrote “autumn of the patriach” , just another chaves….

  3. Syd Says:

    Old Timer wrote: “Why is it that Latin America produces so few “Vargas Llosas”?”

    Perhaps the question should be rephrased as follows: Why is it that so few old timers know about Latin American literature? Or, know about good literature, in general? For if one knows good, contemporary literature, one would be familiar with numerous authors of prominence from Latin America.

  4. loroferoz Says:

    He deserves it. Period. His narrative is fluid and readable, and he does not need to get abstruse to be deep and to bite deep. He entertains. Now to get “La guerra del fin del mundo”.

    You read, hear and see books, music and movies made by people with whom you would never agree in politics or religion. You probably have friends with whom you would never agree on beliefs. It is probable that it happens to everybody, with a higher probability the more intelligent you are. It could be used as a “sufficient” test of your aperture of mind that you admire people with whom you disagree.

    Now, I agree (mostly) with the political ideas of Mario Vargas Llosa. And would have agreed with his being awarded even if I did not.

    Let idiots feel slapped in their face for a prize in literature.

    Now, the chinese government, those have some more justification in feeling slapped. They deserve all the walloping they can get and then some more.

  5. Kolya Says:

    On other news, as most of you probably know by now, Liu Xiaobo, from China, was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations to a brave and principled man! Liu is in prison and so far the Chinese government has reacted with anger and lack of class.

    A New York Times article on Liu:


    And hats off to Kepler, who in his blog own blog, Venezuela and Europe, raised the issue of Liu Xiaobo right before he was awarded the prize:


  6. Kolya Says:

    Old Timer wrote:

    “Why is it that Latin America produces so few “Vargas Llosas”?”

    Maybe the question should be why the world produces so few Vargas Llosas. All in all, Latin America has some of the best writers in the world.

  7. Old Timer Says:

    Why is it that Latin America produces so few “Vargas Llosas”?

  8. Deanna Says:

    Roy, Vargas Llosa is Peruvian, not Venezuelan, and I’m sure that Alan Garcia will probably be congratulating him. However, Chacumbele or Esteban (however you may want to call him) is probably cursing all over the place because one of his strongest critics received the Nobel Prize, something that he could or would never get, no matter how many times his followers want to nominate him for the one for Peace!!

  9. Roy Says:


    I had the very same thought. How can the president of a democratic nation fail to take note of and congratulate a citizen of his country upon receiving such an honor? Yet, he will so fail.

  10. Humberto Says:

    And I am sure the Venezuelan regime will be warmly congratulating him.


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