The mystery of the “Narco Avioneta” captured in Western Venezuela

August 14, 2011

The bizarro world that Venezuela has become allows for everything, there are no longer surprises, least of all if our military is involved. The same military that has been talking openly about staging a coup, should Venezuelans choose a leader different than Chavez in the 2012 elections.

But the military does not seem to answer to anyone anymore in Chavezlandia. The latest bizarre episode already has a leading hashtag in Twitter: #narcoavioneta. You see, a small plane was captured in Falcon state full of drug, some 1,400 kilograms of cocaine was found in it.

Website has raised numerous (here, here, here) questions about this case, including the fact that it is supposedly not registered in Venezuela, despite having a registration number painted on it and freely and liberally flying around the country.

Now, I don’t know much about the case and its details, whether it was or not registered, where the drug was loaded onto it, whether the two people killed were involved or not.

What I do know, is that according to all reports, the plane took off from the La Carlota airport.

Now, it used to be, up to 2005, that private planes could fly in and out of the La Carlota military base in Caracas. This was stopped in 2005, unless, of course, you were a revolutionary or related to one, or had a connection to one, as I showed in 2006.

So, how could this supposedly unregistered plane, take off from the La Carlota military base, with or without drugs last Friday? Who allowed it? Who approved it? Who was involved?

Oh, I know, it was someone high up in the military, but like Makled and so many other cases, we will never know. No wonder these guys are so nervous that the Government could change in 2013 via the ballot box, who do you think will be fired first and investigated?

The same ones that protect and benefit from the mysterious “Narco Avioneta”. Bet on that!

52 Responses to “The mystery of the “Narco Avioneta” captured in Western Venezuela”

  1. TramanChita Says:

    Venezuela became a Transit Heaven for the Narcos. In addition to Mackled Cartel, there are others. The real YV-2531 captured in Belize is still there, hence who owns the “clone” that left La Carlota and landed in Falcon? This smells bad and everybody knows who is involved.

  2. This plane that the Minister showed to the press YV-2531 is a Clon of the real plane that is still in Belize. Read the story in

  3. jeffry house Says:

    The people on the plane were captured and released. At least, that is what happened if the government were following the orders of the Minister of Prisons, who had just ordered that new arrestees not be sent to jail (to prevent overcrowding). The MUD should at least ask for the names of the detainees so that if they turn up again, they can be questioned.

  4. GWEH Says:

    here is one example… they are more incidents involving G2s in Venezuela

    On September 24, 2007 N987SA, c/n 172, crashed in the Yucatan, Mexico, carrying 3.2 tons of cocaine. The Gulfstream II business jet was registered to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc.

    The Gulfstream with tail number N987SA has been involved in the transport of extraordinary rendition victims to Guantanamo Bay. Logs also show that the plane flew twice between Washington, D.C. and Guantanamo and once between Oxford, Connecticut and Guantanamo. The American flights would have been CIA and Pentagon interrogators being ferried to interrogations at Guantanamo. At the time of the Guantanamo flights, the plane was managed by Air Rutter International, a California-based air charter service. It was then sold on August 30 to Donna Blue Aircraft, owned by two Brazilians and sold on to two Florida men on September 16. references below It departed Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport on September 18 for Cancun, Mexico, then onto Colombia to pick up the drugs before returning to Mexico. It was forced to crash land near the town on Tixkobob after being chased. “The aircraft had been orbiting over the town for almost two hours prior to the crash, although Mexican military aircraft had already been tracking it since it first entered Mexican air space. Soldiers recovered 132 bags containing 3.5 tons of cocaine from the aircraft wreckage. The injured pilot was found and arrested the next day.”

  5. Gringo Says:

    island canuck:
    .Venezuela is moving all it’s International Reserves from secure countries like Switzerland, England & the USA to “friendly” countries like Russia, China & Brasil…..No comment is necessary.

    Necessary or not, here is a comment. Moving reserves to creditor countries like China and Russia will help insure that Venezuela’s debts to those countries will get paid. That’s what friends are for.

    • anon Says:

      Very, very strange, also mentioned in this news pieces was that the Chavistas wanted to move or were moving all gold reserves back to Venezuela … could all this be in preparation for a swift cleanout on the final curtain?

  6. island canuck Says:

    Venezuela is moving all it’s International Reserves from secure countries like Switzerland, England & the USA to “friendly” countries like Russia, China & Brasil.

    All the gold, almost $16 billion worth, will be moved to Venezuela.

    The rest of the reserves -about $6.3 billion – has been moved to the “friendly” countries.

    No comment is necessary.

  7. CharlesC Says:

    So where does this plane go to next?Bolivia?
    What are the “odds” that this one plane could be involved
    in drug shipments in 3 different countries now?
    And-the whole story -is-IS-Venezuelans are
    involved-in Honduras, in Belize, and in Caracas-no?

    • CharlesC Says:

      Is this simply -for publicity?
      “So, how could this supposedly unregistered plane, take off from the La Carlota military base, with or without drugs last Friday? Who allowed it? Who approved it? Who was involved?

      Oh, I know, it was someone high up in the military”
      Damn right, and one call from Tarek should get an answer-if
      he doesn’t know already…

  8. firepigette Says:

    Kepler, I was just kidding.I was showing you how silly it is to call people racist just because they profile.

  9. firepigette Says:

    “They could be Latinos but chances are they are not, too white-pinkish, three on a row.”

    How racist can you get? Latinos can’t be white?


    • Caracola Says:

      …and here we go again….he he he

    • Kepler Says:

      Firepigette, don’t be childish. You are pretty old for that. Of course we are any colour. It’s a matter of chances in a random group.

      If you have 3 randomly photographed Cubans or Venezuelans, chances are at least 2 are going to be darker than that. My suspicion is a couple of them may be physicians from Europe. Perhaps I am wrong, but perhaps someone else here has more information on that.

  10. Kepler Says:

    could you guys look at the blokes at the background in this picture?

    They could be Latinos but chances are they are not, too white-pinkish, three on a row.

  11. firepigette Says:

    the above does not refer to Miguel’s post.You know who you are 🙂

  12. firepigette Says:

    bauahahaha!!!!!!!! another chapter in our book…I love it !

    Some people get their kicks out of thinking most of us are just confused lambs among the wolves:)What a rush of power 🙂

    But it is pointless to argue here because the wolves are pseudo-historians: contradictory evidence is used to support rather than refute their notions.

    for example:

    – Wasn’t Hitler the one who thought he could rule the world and didn’t the Allies stop him?NO!! Hitler was a dupe, used to advance the sinister plot to rule the world by the Illuminati.- LOL !

    Modern mass communications has made it possible for anyone to become his or her own press and propaganda machine.Many people encourage each other to accept possibility as equal to probability as well.

    Unimpressed by the commonsense notion that the more government bureaucrats that must be involved in a conspiracy, the less likely it is true..

    ” As the World Turns” is now becoming the more sinister: ” As the Plot Thickens”

    Tune in for more.

    • GWEH Says:

      Firepig. there is another school of thought which I’m partial to: The Allies did not stop Hitler, Hitler did himself in…key decisions he made changed the course war against Germany such as invasion of Russia

  13. Kepler Says:

    I predicted some time ago the Venezuelan government would have a record of “discoveries” of cocaine loads. Last year they “got” about 26 tonnes of cocaine. I predicted it will get about 46 tonnes for December of this year. This is going “nach Plan”, according to plan.

  14. Kepler Says:

    What gun is Tarek manipulating there?


    You said that about those planes being used by narcos and “the good ones”;
    I have said it before: the US forces are rotten as well, probably not as badly as the Venezuelan and the Mexican forces but they are. It’s not just the planes. The whole “war on drugs” is more “war about drugs”.
    Surely there are people who honestly believe their forces are working to combat drugs, but the whole system as it is now is just benefitting drug dealers

    • Roberto N Says:

      The one on the left looks like a Glock, the one on the right I would guess Sig Sauer, or maybe Beretta.

      The Glock, could be 9mm or .44

      • Kepler Says:

        Thanks, Roberto. Could those machines come from the Fuerza Armada Bolivariana?

      • Mike Says:

        I agree, the one on the left (his right) is a Glock, the other one looks too generic to me (from that distance). I believe some police units in Venezuela use Glocks, and the thugs love it (in it’s many configurations). No idea about the military. Can be bought and carried without complications in the US (except background check, prints and the like).

        The storyteller however is the big rifle he is handling. It’s likeky a M14A1. It can be shot in full automatic (machine gun type) mode. It is often used by Special Forces military units. It is also outright illegal to own in several US States and requires a rather complicted process to buy one in the others. Point is, if it belonged to the Narcos, they had to get it either through some rotten military, or in the very “dark” black market.

        And btw Kepler, the US Forces (I presume you mean the US Military), are NOT ROTTEN, so if you try to smear them, have the evidence, rather than throwing out unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

        They have no involvement in the eventual auction / sale and re-registration of e.g. in this case, a confiscated plane. This is handled by the DEA and the FAA. GWEH talks about the FAA, and, tell me, what can they do about it if somebody buys this plane, maybe the same drug cartel via proxy, then sell or take it to Venezuela where they paint new numbers on it and the authorities, incl, the military let it fly?

        Also, yes the CIA (FBI / ATF) may use these planes in undercover operations as cover. Or do you think they should show up with a brand new Learjet somewhere on a clandestine runway for a set-up with the Narcos?

      • Roberto N Says:

        Many police units in Vzla use Glocks (Baruta, Chacao, etc.)

        I think Mike got the rifle right. And yep, hard to register legally and certainly not floating around Bob’s gunshop and pawnbroker.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Kepler- in this situation- I don’t think US “forces” were involved.
      I believe-what you are seeing is -evidence that
      Venezeula (Chavez and military and chavistas) are controlling
      a large part of the drug shipments-not just in Venezuela
      but in Central America- and into Mexico.

      • Kepler Says:

        I don’t mean the gringos in this very case, I even doubt it, this looks too “local”. But I think they are in a lot of cases elsewhere. The status as it is now is just optimal for drug dealers AND security companies (providers of guards, consultants for the state forces etc, etc)
        Take a look at the scandal around guns provided by USA forces to drug dealers “to find where they were”.
        Again: that was en passant. The “war on drugs” is a joke

        • captainccs Says:

          >>>The “war on drugs” is a joke

          I wish it were a joke. It is killing thousands of innocent people including a good friend of mine and his wife, criminalizing millions and making drug cartels rich just like Prohibition made the Mafia (and Canadian distillers) rich.

          Did America learn nothing from Prohibition?

        • Kepler Says:

          I meant a BAD joke. I should have reformulated that.
          I think we agree. Now: I initially thought all the people in governments who wanted to keep the current policies were just conservative, but that cannot be. I think part of them have vested interests. They are in Venezuela, in Mexico, everywhere, including the USA and the EU.

    • GWEH Says:

      Kepler, where do I start? Gary Webb? Operation Fast & Furious, Iran Contra, or the DEA moving drugs in cahoots with Venezuelan National Guard? There is history in the Unites States of law enforcement and federal agencies (and the White House) of moving drugs (cocaine) into the US under the guise of some controlled operation. Time and places have changed and I seriously doubt that USGOV today is moving drugs. Kepler, I can almost guarantee you that if that was happening, the ensuing scandal would bring everything in it’s way down. You cannot keep these things a secret (like in the past) anymore.

      Example, Operation Fast & Furious (and others) whereby the federal government allowed assault rifles to “walk” across the border to Mexico. We can see the result of that bungled fiasco and the inter-agency and
      intragovernment divisions it created and ensuing scandal and coverup.

      US DEA is doing a fantastic job Kepler. Those guys really are making a difference but they can only do so much against budgets and constraints.
      I hate to see you go into conspiracy mode against the US. You judge and wrap everything up so conveniently but we are big country you know.

      The CIA was using aircraft such as Gulfstream G2s from these used aircraft companies during it’s transfer of enemy combatants to secret locations around the globe (and the irregular rendition program). These are the same used aircraft companies that also sell G2s (Margarita-Africa route) and other aircraft to middlemen for the narcos. Too close for comfort? Yes? But that is the way it is in secondary aircraft market.

  15. Mike Says:

    and pointing gun at Salami, a no – no, loaded or not. Gun handling 101.

  16. m_astera Says:

    Looks like the deal just changed hands. Maybe someone didn’t get their proper payoff?

  17. GWEH Says:

    love the broad in high heels… remote landing strip scene of major crime, evidence still hot and in comes the high heels

  18. GWEH Says:

    tiro de gracia?

  19. GWEH Says:

    Omar, I have a better name for you “El Cartel de los Soles”

  20. GWEH Says:

    Omar, where have you been these last…. ten years?

  21. GWEH Says:

    look at how they handle the evidence…you would think they would not want to contaminate the evidence! I’m referring to Tarek handling weapons bare hands.

  22. Does that plane look familiar? That plane was “stolen” from a military base in Honduras where it was in custody after being involved in a drug traffic operation. Then it showed up in Belize also on drug related charges. Could we be seeing a military operation to move drugs from Venezuela and then move money back to Venezuela? Could it be a narco military operation? A new cartel” I propose “el cartel de los militares” as the new name.

  23. GWEH Says:

    there is a recent report in El Universal on homicide stats. The majority of homicide by firearm victims in Venezuela this year had three or more entry wounds. Wow

  24. GWEH Says:

    Tarek will now do el papel de Luis Correa cuando estaba en ONA y el DC-9. Two very bad dudes who top my list.

  25. GWEH Says:

    the FAA civil aviation registry is just as bad. That planes get recycled is normal. Very loose export controls, regulation, requirements in the US for used aircraft export. The FAA computer databases antiquated. Historically a front for CIA ops and you will find the same used aircraft companies providing for the feds and the narcos.

    • gra87 Says:

      What the hell does this have to do with the situation being discussed?Perhaps if you would get your tounge out of Chavez’s ass then you could make an understandable statement.


  26. Charly Says:

    If you really think a new government will investigate the military, I have a bridge for sale on the Orinoco. This country is rotten to the core, point.

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