Good Viral Ad by Leopoldo Lopez, Who Is Not Even a Candidate for President of Venezuela…yet

August 16, 2011

I like this ad by Leopoldo Lopez, who can’t even be a candidate because the Comptroller’s office banned him. However, he is appealing to the OAS Human Rights Committee so that they order that he can run.

The ad is positive, forward looking, it appeals to the young (and yes, those that have access to computers and the Internet, but that is a huge number by now), who understand well the games and images involved. Yes, it is aimed at only a segment of the population, but if you can get that segment involved, you may have a huge volunteer force with you.

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  1. Maria Says:

    I absolutely loved the ad. It targets a very important part of the population aged 18-30 and who are familiar with all of the featured Facebook games. Consider that not all the people living in a barrio are necessarily poor, plenty of them have computers and internet access, and if not, they go to a friend’s house in the same way some of you may have gone to play Atari at your friend’s back in the day. Also consider that Venezuela is a country with a vast population of people under 30.

    Besides, if you remember, in 1992 Bill Clinton made an appearance on MTV where he played the saxophone thus reaching an important voting demographic.

  2. firepigette Says:

    The problem I see is that some people do not know the difference between constructive criticism and insult( or destructive criticism).

    The same people do not know the difference between aggression and assertiveness.

    There is a tendency to criticize the opposition more than Chavez which is completely and totally self – destructive ; but then again self destructive tendencies got us where we are today.

  3. Kepler Says:

    i don’t understand why Venezuelans are so thin-skinned about criticism in politics. It is better to grill Leopoldo here and in other oppo venues than out there. The same goes for every one candidate we have.

    I will vote for whoever the MUD agrees upon. In any case: if we start saying “don’t criticize X, he/she is one of our hopes” we will end up not much better than with the Rosales situation. Only through criticism will we grow. You should see how Germans and others grill their own candidates before these are sent to the arena – without pity.

    Gladiators didn’t train by fighting with flowers.

    And thanks to Leopoldo for coming.

    I appreciate his great efforts to build a base also outside the Caracas-Valencia-Maracaibo-Barquisimeto area, to go where 70% of the population lives. He understands Venezuela’s demographic distribution as others don’t.
    I appreciate his work into promoting heavy brainstorming to get ideas for Venezuela.

  4. Carolina Says:

    Funny how LL responded to the thread explaining why the video and nobody noticed.

    Gracias Leopoldo por tu intervencion. Que vivan la tolerancia, el debate y el intercambio de ideas.

    • Hernie Says:


      I noticed LL’s response. It’s good that he reads but it would be even better if he actually engaged in the debate.

  5. No, I am talking about what he has done with Voluntad Popular, not this. He has built a nationwide network of people, all elected democratically and with local organization. VP is everywhere, little towns and big towns, cities and rural. It is an incredible effort and just setting it up allows yo to lean about the problems of the country.

    • Hernie Says:

      The construction of VP is a fair point if it is as you describe it.

      What no one will ever convince me of is that current opposition politicians are good and are the way out. I disagree, I believe that unless we find proper candidates, we will keep on this never ending declining path. The fact that some people do see them as a solution or part of it is a huge problem.

      I would also vote for opposition because I would never vote for Chavez. But at least I am aware of the whole picture and don’t get fooled by the opposition rhetoric. But the problem is, opposition does not need to target me but abstentionists. These politicians have tried for 12 years and they are still using the same techniques and they have failed miserably to attract other people.

      Ultimately, LL is the face of VP and got elected to manage the organization. Whether he likes it or not, he is associated with politicians from opposition plus he doesn´t have the necessary skills in my humble opinion, so this will limit his ability of getting new voters from the abstention pool which is what we really need. Why are opposition politicians thinking that the problem is abstentionists? The problem is them, they need to go,

      • Ira Says:

        Herein lies the stupidity of VZ politicians, and Venezuelans in general nowadays:

        If you are trying to convince ANYONE that the current opposition leaders are inferior to HCF, in that they’re not electable, you are admitting defeat before anyone even goes to the polls.

        I mean, what the hell do you want? Another Peron to run against Chavez?

        For years, I’ve lived with hearing Anglo criticism about the stupidity of the Latino electorate, and I have to tell you, that in the case of VZ and some other LanAm countries, it all seems to be true:

        It seems you just want another Hitler, but a Hitler that’s on YOUR side.

        And when you you attempt to judge LL’s “skills,” what the hell is that supposed to mean?

        Please define this, because as far as I’m concerned, LL is the most skillful political and administrator in VZ today,

        • Hernie Says:

          Before anyone even goes to the polls? 10+ polls has not been enough to prove my point then?

          Who told you I am an anglo-saxon? I am Venezuelan, it is not anglo-criticism, it is a realistic vision based on FACTS. And yes, LL skills need to be analyzed in order to see if he is a competent person to occupy the presidency of Venezuela. Just like the skills of every other candidate should be analyzed as well. Isn´t this the way it should work? Like when you are hiring someone for a job?

          The attempt to judge is simply giving my opinion as a Venezuelan, since many people say all we do is complain but don’t do anything. But in fact as I said before I have paid taxes and worked, meaning that I contribute to the society and thus can give out opinions and judge all the things I want regarding my country.

  6. I don’t know if they are good enough. He has done something I always thought you needed, built a network all around the country. Remember, he is not even a candidate.

    I really find not one of the candidates that represents me. Of course, I will go vote for the opposition candidate, but that does not mean I feel they represent me, or have ideas that I like, nobody even comes close to that, they all seem to think talking about those ideas will stop them from getting anywhere.

    But I do remember that one of those politicians picked the best and the brightest and the whole political sector turned against him and impeached him, which to me is a reflection of what I said before.

  7. I am not going ballistic, what you say is part of VP’s platform specifically, this video, once again, is aimed at attracting young people, there are and will be other videos, etc. I think that is part of the Venny problem, we criticize any positive action by being super-picky, super-critical and taking things out of context. VP’s red speaks for itself, I have not written about it, because I would have to write about every party, candidate, etc. and I dont think that is what my blog is about.

    • Hernie Says:

      Hi Miguel,

      I agree with you in that we Venezuelans are super-picky, its true. Please read my two posts above so you understand my reasoning, I am not being super-picky, I am just asking common sense and basic things. But as they said, sometimes common sense is not that common. I am not saying Leopoldo’s actions are not good, they are good, they are just not good enough.. And frankly, I am tired of not good enough already… Why don’t we change the formula? Why do we keep relying on the same politicians that brought us to this mess and that haven’t been able to get us out? We are giving out a new plane full of passengers to pilots who before crashed the plane and killed all the passengers. Do we really keep expecting they will learn how to fly if they haven’t learned in the last 12 years? I mean, if politician is their profession they should at least be at least a little good no?

      And one of the thing that frustrates me more is that younger generations and studens, who have a clean record and ideas to show to the population just went running in opposition politicians arms.. Why?? Is this the generation that we think is going to help us solve this? I wouldn’t think of it that way..

    • Carolina Says:

      Not only super picky. We go long ways criticizing and complaining and questioning, and yet, we do nothing about the situation. At least LL is doing something! Anything!
      Would I give him my vote? I don’t know, but I give him kudos for at least being out there trying.
      In this particular case, I believe a lot of people are missing the point of the video which is to reach out a generation most of us don’t understand.

      • Hernie Says:

        So what then? Those of us who worked in Venezuela and paid taxes do not count? Is that not doing something and helping to construct a society? Because I do know a great amount of people in Vnzla who do not do so. So what if I don’t do something that doesn’t make the news? Does this mean that my contribution counts less? I don’t think so. Why can’t I judge then?

        • Caracola Says:

          There you are absolutely right. IF you pay your taxes THEN you have every right to complain and do something against those that are mismanaging your money!

          But in this case, I am talking about how critical (and not in a constructive way) we get towards those that are actually trying to do something to put this country back together again. LL is asking the kids for their ideas and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

          I’m also talking about participating actively, like volunteering to work for your community, public schools, organizations. How about getting in touch with charities and see if you can donate an hour or so of your time to help? How many of us actually do that? I do feel there is very little sense of community in our society and that has to change in order to be better.

          (…talking about taxes, how many here have actually paid your property taxes every year..? Hum…I thought so).

        • Ira Says:

          Why do you think that paying taxes gives you a greater say in the country’s affairs than those who don’t–because they’re either unemployed, or successful people who bribe their way out of it?

          Do not EVER bring up the obnoxious argument that as a taxpaying citizen, your vote counts more than others.

          • Hernie Says:

            You seem to have a reading problem. I didn’t say my vote counts more because of tax payments, what I said is that I have the right to give an opinion on my country and the politicians that want to run it because I pay taxes. Before trying to tell me what kind of arguments to bring up or not you should read better.

            By the way, successful people who bribe should be in jail por at least paying huge fines.

          • Carolina Says:

            Ira – I think there are two things going on here. Nobody talked about those that cannot pay taxes because they are unemployed or low income people. We are talking about those that are evading taxes meaningfully.
            THOSE have no right to say or to complain. In fact, they should pay fines or go to jail.

            Also, the low income families or the unemployed are protected by law (or should be), they are exempted of paying, but to get that benefit, they still should file their taxes and prove their condition. In fact, they should be getting a return!

            And no one talked about a vote counting more or not. We were talking about the contributions to society and the rights to demand for a better public services.

  8. Kepler Says:

    Don’t go ballistics on me, Miguel. I have actually read their project about la Venezuela que queremos, I have sent some ideas myself, I think that is a good idea, to go into mind map and receptive mode.

    I still think you must (and can) talk about a couple of those messages in the 2-minute videos because frankly: most people won’t browse for several minutes any site.
    Most people have a few seconds of attention span for radio or TV (and less than 29% of the Venezuelan population for youtube).

    Venezuela is a time bomb and we need to talk abot these things. These things are not for the illuminati. Most people don’t read projects (by the way: I read the crappy PSUV project and I have also read Juan Nagel’s PJ project…I am sure few people at the PSUV or at PJ read the one or the other)

    One way or the other we also need to say something apparently very few Venezuelans know about: the country is poor. No oil, no gold can make Venezuela rich. Venezuela will only be rich the day the average Venezuelan is as productive and as well-educated as someone from a developed nation, period (of course, you cannot say it like this but somehow you can express it).

  9. This short video has a target, it is not LL’s campaign video, I think it does the job in attracting that target, you expect a one minute video with a campaign program? I know more about what VP stands for than any other candidate and LL is not even one!

  10. Kepler Says:

    Still, I agree with what Bruni said, it’s a matter of conveying a new set of mind. Someone has to have to cojones to tell Venezuelans a couple of things. It can be in an indirect way, but it needs to be done.


    – Let’s make Venezuela a developed nation. It is an underdeveloped nation now. Let’s stop being a third world country (stop promoting people can get rich by chance).

    – Let’s bring security to Venezuela – show what that means in a place like Chile or Spain, where people go out at night walking without the fear of being shot, robbed. Remember: most Venezuelans have never been abroad and what they see on TV is not precisely something they can interpret very well (you would imagine by watching TVE that Spain is rather dangerous, whereas its murder rate is below 2x 100 000)

    We need to focus more on a front, less on a figure. We are living de facto under an ugly autocracy, it’s not Britain or Germany. We need to use some of the methods used in East Germany and Czechoslovakia

  11. The daughters of the cleaning lady in my house know exactly what Cityville and Farmville are and they do live in a barrio. Kids in barrios have Nintendo’s DS and access to computers believe it or not.

  12. ErneX Says:

    Besides the IP infringements and all of that, what’s the point in creating a spot that features a facebook game in a country where broadband is a luxury and a game that’s played by kids. Do kids vote now?

  13. Leopoldo Says:

    Gracias a todos por sus comentarios, los positivos y los no tanto. Con esta iniciativa nuestra intencion es involucrar a los cientos de miles de jóvenes que dedican un tiempo importante a los juegos de internet y presentarles una reflexión: si le dedicas tanto tiempo a los juegos, te invitamos a que le dediques unos minutos a que nos des tu opinión sobre lo que es para ti la mero Venezuela. La respuesta hasta ahora ha sido extraordinaria, miles de comentarios y propuestas. Que viva el debate, la tolerancia y el intercambio de ideas y propuestas sobre La Mejor Venezuela que todos tenemos dentro. Un abrazo, Leopoldo Lopez

  14. bruni Says:

    Julio, you are wrong, there are many things I like about Lopez, but I don’t like the first part of the add and the message that it conveys with the images he chose.

    BTW personal gain is not just monetary gain; trying to win an election is included in personal gain.

    You ask why I am not critical when Miguel uses Twitter images in his blog…There is a difference between using Twitter trademark in a blog and using it in a political ad. Miguel uses Twitter trademark when it is related to the story of the post, as do many journalists in the MSM. If Miguel had used the Trademark for personal gain (be it political, monetary or other) without permission, I would be equally critical.

  15. Does Farmville sube cerros?

    • Kepler Says:

      Gracias a Dios que vino alguien de la provincia.

      And I would ask: does Farmville goes to the pseudo-rural areas of a third world country where less than 30% of the population has a crappy Internet connection?

      • Well, he already has an extensive nationwide network in all states que sube cerro, that reaches where the opposition does not, so what is wrong with reaching out to that 30%. The age group 18–30 is about 6 million new voters, a large fraction of which has not registered to vote but has access to the Internet.

  16. JulioPacheco Says:

    Hey, you no like Lopez say it, don’t hide behind silly things, this is not a for money thing. Zynga and Twitter are happy to have their stuff promoted I bet. This blog has used twitter images and birds, did you criticize it then? Tell me how is reaching to young people like me, stiff Maria Corina, ageless whatever his name of Metropolitan District, Alvarez Paz, dumbbell Enrique Capriles. I would prefer someone like Lopez, he seems to be modern, not caught up in Venezuela’s fantasy, silly world.

    • ErneX Says:

      It’s not silly things, first the ad is beyond cursi and gives the wrong message. Playing blackjack as a symbol of venezuelans taking risks? and what about the common venezuelan practice of abusing intellectual property? There is a shoe store in a venezuelan shopping mall called “Zapatería Twitter” they even copied the logo. Why is Leopoldo using Farmville IP to deliver a message? did he asked Zynga about permission to relate their brand with a politic message? I bet he didn’t.

      There are good virals and shitty mediocre virals, this is belong to the shitty ones. Good intentions are not enough to justify violation of intellectual property.

  17. ErneX Says:

    What about getting permission from Zynga to use Farmville IP on this ad?

  18. moctavio Says:

    would not bother me a bit. Twitter is all for going viral, profits is a four or six letter word. This is not music. I bet Twitter loves @chavezcandanga tweets, I don’t.

  19. bruni Says:

    I agree that I am not the target, but I don’t like the message of the first part of the video at all, and I do vote. If I had to choose in the primaries LL against someone else…the first msgs of this video helps me decide for someone else!

    IMHO, LL should go for the target audience without alienating the rest of potential voters if he wants to win the primaries.

    About that Twitter permission…The little bird is a Twitter trademark. IMHO you’ve got to ask permission to use a trademark for personal gain. Now, it is well possible that Twitter is quite happy with being included in this particular add and do nothing about it, but, nevertheless, it is still their trademark.
    Imagine for a moment that it was Chávez the one that is drop from the twitter bird. Wouldn’t you feel that he was infringing trademark copyrights?

  20. moctavio Says:

    You are not the target, can you recognize the games involved? Name them. all!!

    First, do you really think you require permission form Twitter?

    The theme is games and I think kids will identify with it, you are talking about a different video. Maybe he will make it.

  21. bruni Says:

    Watch it again Miguel, you’ll see.

  22. moctavio Says:

    picky, picky, picky, it does what it means, I think.

  23. bruni Says:

    I do not like the first part of the ad.

    First Leopoldo comes from a twitter bird…has he asked permission to Twitter to use their symbol in a political ad? Then, he is “drop” in Venezuela’s soil…it looks like he is a bird dropping or like he just landed (“aterrizó”) in Venezuela (like he was somewhere else up to now).

    Next, he equates “success” with first getting a Taj-Mahal type of house (why not equate it with graduating from College, instead?). Then, he seems to approve of gambling as a nice method to succeed. Finally I got the visual impression that in order to beat your enemy you’ve got to “beat” him in a boxing match.

    The message at the end is good, positive and inclusive, but the rest IMHO, is a disaster.

    Moreover, LL should take advantage of his nice skin color and features, like his smile…the avatar is way too pale and never smiles!

  24. moctavio Says:

    Yes, anyone could say LL will be his/her VP and there would be nothing illegal, the new President could ask the Comptroller to “review” the case after he/she is elected and anything could happen. (WE dont even have a new Comptroller yet) He/she (how politically correct, no?) could say the OAS allows him to do it.

  25. guest Says:

    Eh, dumb question: what exactly is the extent of LL’s ban? Could he, for instance, run as vice-presidential candidate with Capriles or MCM as the actual candidate for president?

    Technically, vice-presidents aren’t elected. So technically, they can run a campaign placing him as future vice-president, saying that once the other person is elected, they’ll actually obey the OAS ruling and un-ban him and give him the vice-presidency.

    In any case, I’m with Bocaranda’s idea (he said it way before Chavez got cancer) that it’d be better for the opposition to run a campaign with both president and vice-presidential candidates. It’d mean 2 people campaigning at the same time, and force Chavez to do the same or make it painfully obvious that he’s completely alone. Of course, that was before Chavez’s own body decided to save Venezuela, but I think it’s still a good idea.

  26. maria gonzalez Says:

    I think you are looking for a super person…How you can expect that one individual can have in-depth knowledge of the oil industry, natural resources, transportation, infrastructure, finance, agriculture?

    I think that is why the President work with a team of people (Ministers) that will advice on the area that he is not an expert.

    About the add I hate computer games but I think this will get to the young people and the best is not about 2012 only.

    • m_astera Says:

      Maria, and others, I’m just asking about his qualifications to lead a nation of 25 or 30 million people. If the answer is no, he has done none of those things, has never run a successful business he started himself, hired and trained workers, made payroll, produced things of value, and has no in-depth knowledge of the things that seem to be important in Venezuela these days, then thanks. All I wanted to know.

      The last few presidents of the US would not have been hired at most places I have worked, based on qualifications, experience, or accomplishments, so he would be in good company.

      It does seem a little strange to me though, that the question of qualifications isn’t taken more seriously for a position like chief executive of a country, when it is taken seriously for a position such as piloting a boat.

  27. moctavio Says:

    astera: he ran a very successful municipality, so he understands people’s problems well. Oh yeah, I know, it was the richest one in Venezuela, but he was innovative, effective and worked his tail off. As for the others, he can always find others that know about each one. He has set up a very interesting network of people in Venezuela. To me he is not your typical “Politico de salon” that all he knows about is to sit around discussing what the problems are and how to solve them.

    Under your requirements, none of the people available qualify.

    • Hernie Says:

      Sorry but I would disagree. First, he “received” and did a few interesting projects in the municipality. This doesn’t make him a good politician which is why we are where we are in the first place.

      About Leopoldos projects and understanding, one reflection:

      I used to work in Chacao for a few years and always used to walk a lot around the area. I always wondered why were we sold this Av. Francisco de Miranda renovation project as a “masterpiece”? Really? I mean, are you kidding me? I remember watching the press conference and hearing Leopoldo and crew saying how it was a historical project etc etc… Anyone who has step foot out of Venz knows this is plain b/s.

      What is even worse is that Leopoldo (being educated and from a rich family) actually thinks that people will buy his crap. Again, the fact that he is less bad than the the Govt. doesn’t make him good!

      Going back to the Av. Francisco de Miranda, I always ranted by the fact that there was never a proper street light to cross from Plaza Altamira to the Palace hotel.. The same Plaza that these guys used to go so much and hang around in, I wonder if they just got to the plaza in a Helicopter?

      Another one: Do you really call the renovation project of the Av. Francisco de Miranda a good project when you make I don’t know how many benches along the sidewalks with not even one little roof to cover people from the sun? I mean really? In a tropical country with such weather and heat? Those are the things that I think about when someone talks to me about Leopoldo Lopez. He just doesn’t care about the people, its not even wired into his brain.. This is common stuff for people who walk in the street for 30 min.. come on…And now this video??? Que verguenza…

      • Ira Says:

        Tens of thousands stood behind him on Sabana Grande for protests during the early hell-fire days of HCF–and he was one of the first and strongest to tell Hugo to drop dead–that democracy and freedom of speech will NOT die in VZ.

        Which is why Hugo targeted him.

        Your lists of his “non-accomplishments” are laughable. And you seem to be kidding US:

        You are trying to diminish and poo-poo the efforts of one of the few guys in God-forsaken VZ who are trying to change things for the better.

        Viva Lopez!!!

        • Hernie Says:

          My list is not made up of non-accomplishments, it is actually a list of poorly done things. You know, one needs to learn how to walk before one can learn to how to run. So, if he can’t properly renovate an avenue how do you think he will run a country? Do you have any solid argument to counter this? I gave facts, you don´t believe me? Go see for yourself.

          The fact that tens of thousands stood behind him means nothing, those are the same tens of thousands who already vote forthe opposition. In the mean time, polls still give Chavez the victory whether you like it or not and the abstentionists are still there waiting with their arms crossed..

  28. deananash Says:

    I’m with you Miguel, I like it.

    From my perspective, it’s most important aspect is that it ISN’T overtly political – it’s more aspirational. And that is the best page from Chavez’s playbook.

    I agree with you, I don’t think this video is about 2012, but rather, the future that begins when Chavez leaves.

  29. m_astera Says:

    What is Leopoldo Lopez’ work history and experience? Has he started and run a successful enterprise, produced things of value, hired and trained workers, shown innovation in business, manufacturing, science?

    Does he have in-depth knowledge of the oil industry, natural resources, transportation, infrastructure, finance, agriculture?

    What are his proven, demonstrated qualifications that would make him a good leader for Venezuela in particular?

    • Ira Says:


      What about his term(s) in elected office–where the people loved him?

      Or does democracy and the rule of the vote not count for those who hate Hugo and all he stands for? This blog is not about whether you or I like him or not. Who cares what you and I think?

      It’s all about him being illegally barred from running, based on no convictions.

      How come you don’t understand that your opinion of Lopez’s qualifications have NOTHING to do with democracy at all?

      Hell–Chavez should have been killed for trying to overthrow Peres, the MOST undemocratic action on earth.

      Yet you support the Chavistas’ claim to deny Lopez his day at the ballot.

      What a disgusting position to take for those who support deomo

  30. Mike Says:

    Sorry, but I cannot support an ad, that talks about “arriesgan todo” and it (subliminally) shows a Black Jack table where somebody bets it all and wins.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Vegas and I gamble, Craps, Black Jack and Poker, but it is simply not the right message that one can create wealth that way. It’s not even a 50/50 chance, unless one knows sophisticated card counting (and in that case promptly gets thrown out of the casino).

    But most importantly, it sends a message of “facilismo”, Black Jack / gambling = no different from no work oil rent, that, after all, belongs to el pueblo. “Donde’sta lo mio” type attitude…

    And then the message about “milliones de Venezolanos” building cities? Say what? Maybe Cityville on Facebook, but otherwise it’s a pipe dream.

    Where is the message about creating wealth through hard, honest work? Or are Venezuelans beyond believing that that is the only way to get ahead and make something of their lives and in turn of their country? Or in other words, can one not win politically anymore in Venezuela by telling the truth?

    • Hernie Says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you Mike. It is totally reckless.
      I also agree with m_astera’s post below, what has Leopoldo Lopez actually done? Has he even worked in something meaningful? Has any of the Venezuelan politicians of opposition have actually worked? Most of the guys who have worked and tried to get into politics (i.e. Alfredo Romero) just don’t get the necessary votes. Which gets us back to square one in the whole Chavez vs. Opposition thing. We don’t have a good and proper opposition to face the govt. and more importantly, to get the important amount of the population that doesn’t vote to actually vote.

      Doing retarded and reckless videos which try to appeal to the younger segment of the population is not the answer.

      • Hernie Says:

        and by the way,if you take into account the latest riots and lootings in the U.K. I don’t think we want to take the whole social network thing as a good thing. What I am trying to get at is: young members of societies in developed countries are not really role models which we want to look at.. All this social networking stuff is a double-edged sword…

        • Carolina Says:

          I disagree. Rioters are just a handful and you can’t blame a whole generation of youngsters saying that they “are not good role models” because of some stupid idiots.
          Kids nowadays have way more access to information and to communications than what I had back in the days, and we must understand that they communicate differently, and we have to learn their ways if we want to reach them.

          • Hernie Says:

            I am not generalizing, I am just saying that it is double-edged sword and thus should be handled as sucH. Why? You open the door for misinterpretations as other people have posted (Blackjack desk = gambling, etc). I can’t really explain the whole thing here but I basically think most of these technologies have added little value in society… Of course you have faster communications and interaction and this and that and economic savings as a whole. But if that is not managed appropiately then bad things happen, hence the double-edge thought. It is mostly an economical argument that I have which is based on the current economical state of many developed nations, which are very close to bankruptcy… Take the U.S. for instance, all this technological advantages (iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, iPods, you name it) with what purpose in the end? There are massive unfounded liabilities owed by the Govt. to the people.. A huge amount of the population doesn’t have proper health insurance, many live a crappy life in suburbs which is only bearable because they get debt to buy cars and tv’s to feel less bad.. Or take China for instance. All these people working long hours and earning so little? When is it that people are going to start working less and enjoying more in that case? And more importantly, if you look at the big picture in this race for efficiency and profit-driven thinking, where is the bottom? Besides the Chinese, you got the Indians, who can also do long hours and work cheap, and then when does it end? Sorry for the philosophical/economical reply but its the way I see it.

            So Leopoldo Lopez coming and doing a video and using Social Networks just because they are so cool and trendy all over the world and young people hang out in there is not a solid argument for me… I was at a classroom once along 70 people and someone asked what do you do on FB? How does FB improve your life? I would say 90% of the students didn’t have and answer and in the end they said, well, it is mostly gossiping… That is really really bad..

  31. moctavio Says:

    Maybe he does not care about 2012, he is young he can wait, he can make lots of videos, get lots of ideas by 2018, for example. I think to get the young’s attention it this works. They will know who he is better than Pablo Perez and may even get enthused. In any case, we should know before the end of the month from the CIDH and then he will have to attempt to have it enforced. Lots of work if you are ambitious.

  32. CharlesC Says:

    Diablo- he’s certainly a very good, intelligent young man.
    I think he is still growing- and is a little ahead of himself.
    Venezuela needs him and all of the people he can inspire,
    so I hope he works with others to defeat Chavez.
    I believe he should show himself as working for Venezuela
    now -and maybe find himself in a position within a
    new government in Venezuela later.

  33. Carolina Says:

    I liked it a lot. Very up to date with what’s going on in the world and social networks.
    Calgary, one of the most conservatives cities in Canada, recently elected a new, independent mayor who beat, against all odds, a guy with many years of experience as an alderman, and all his campaign based on the use of the social networks, targeting university students and younger individuals. It was amazing.

    So kudos to Leopoldo.

  34. ErneX Says:

    Good? I think it’s crap and lame. Sentí vergüenza ajena.

  35. Luisa Says:

    Not to worry.. it’s here on your page!! sorry.. 😦

  36. megaescualidus Says:

    Don’t hold your breath expecting HC will let Leopoldo run. And, as far as the OAS appeal, even if it manages to go thru, I’d expect HC will do with it what he’s done many times with “la bicha” (Venezuela’s constitution, that is, that little blue book HC has shown on TV many times as if he is his owner, used by him as his personal toilet paper).

  37. Luisa Says:

    Please fix the post on Leopoldo’s video.. it seems to be incomplete and will not load.. thank you..

  38. Juan Cristóbal Nagel Says:

    Um, really? Leopoldo’s avatar looks like he’s 11 years old. Not very presidential if you ask me. But I guess I’m not the target audience.

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