The Chavez administration puts its money where its beliefs are

March 21, 2006


The Chavez

-In a tribute
to the guiding principles that illuminate and guide its daily actions.

-As a reaffirmation
of the belief that there is only one true form of Government for all of the
people of Venezuela
and the world.

-As a way
of sending an unequivocal signal to the world as to where it stands on freedom,
democracy and human rights.

-In a demonstration
of the intelligence with which it handles it public relations as a way of
expressing its love for its fellow inhabitants of the Continent of Simon

-As evidence of its sensibility to the desires, dreams and ambitions of the people of Latin America

-And as an
expression of its desire to use the oil money of the people, for the people, by
the people as efficiently, productive and respectfully as possible, announces with pride that
it has decided that:

It will finance
costs of restoring the one time home
of that illustrious fighter for
democracy, former Argentinean Dictator Juan Domingo Peron,
who patiently stood at the side of the leftwing forces of the world. Or was it
the right? Who stole from the people hands over fists, allowing him to live in
exile for decades in the best style that his people never came close to or ever
dreamed of. Who was the clearest expression of the militaristic, populistic and
fascist autocrat that Venezuelans should learn to admire and love (and get
accustomed to!). And as a tribute to, his up to now, unprecedented ability to
truly damage and undermine a country for decades with his type of divisive populism
and ignorant policies.

Hugo Chavez, Caracas March 18th. 2006

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