A new, gentler and surprising Chavez?

September 27, 2006

All of a sudden we have a new and gentler Chavez, improved and ready to admit errors, because now he has the bull by the “horns” and wants to continue “trying solutions” rather than relying on experts. He gets a rabbit out of the hat saying 70% of the people think things have improved.Of course, in the end, he can’t help it and says those that oppose him are the candidates of imperialism. Maybe they are the candidate of knowledge, expertise and not simple trial and error, even if he think he is like Edison trying to innovate on social and economic matters. That analogy alone shows he has no clue.

Why the milder Chavez?.Can he be worried? He seems to admit the polls are something like Chavez 45%, Rosales/Rausseo 35%, even if he says his vote intention is above 60%. I guess he did not pay complete attention to the explanation they gave him, but there sure was one.

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