September 27, 2006

of Interior and Justice Chacon hold
a press conference
in Barquisimeto where he tells the “people” not believe
any “new” mermaid songs from anyone (Rosales obviously) offering to solve the
crime problem, that this needs long term plans, they did not do it on 50 years
and “ we will show the country…”

Well, is
this blah, blah, blah or what? To begin with 8 of the 50 years he talks about are Chavez’ own, during
which crime has tripled, so I don’t think Chacon or Chavez and his
administration has much to “show” or deserves another chance to show anything. Rosales
at least could say that he has only been Governor for five years and his state
occupies one of the last five places in the country in terms of the crime rate.

–And speaking
of crime, an Italian woman on her honey moon is
at the archipelago of “los Roques” one of the most spectacular tourist
locations in the country. Her husband is severely injured as they were violently
assaulted inside of the bed and breakfast where they were staying. The National
Guard decides not to allow any flights or boats in and out of the islands until
they find the culprits.

If this crime
is like most crimes in the country, which never get solved, some of these
tourists may be eligible to vote in the 2012 Presidential election. What happens
to tourists scheduled to leave? Those scheduled to arrive? How could the criminals
feel so safe to attack in such a small and isolated place? All of this and the tourism
fair starts this weekend at the grounds of the  La Carlota airport of Caracas.

–And how
about those funny guys
at 7-11
dropping 2,100 gas stations from the CITGO network because they did
not like what Chavez said at the UN? The spokeswoman for the company said “Regardless
of politics, we sympathize with many Americans’ concern over derogatory
comments about our country and its leadership recently made by Venezuela’s
president Hugo Chavez,”

Jeez, does
Chavez understand these are market forces at work? The problem is that PDVSA
dropped 1,800 stations in July already and it appears as if these are 2,100 new ones, since they
are defined as their “independent” network. Imagine that, having a  7-11 in your
tank! I thought the hot dogs were quite good actually. Let’ see, we are no
longer friends with the US, Peru, Mexico,
and now 7-11. Whose next, India?
Get in line, please!

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