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A Simple explanation for Venezuela’s Electric Crisis

March 2, 2010

The ad above in Sunday’s El Nacional, by Venezuela’s Electric company Corpoelec shows in a very simple manner why we have such a severe electric crisis. According to the ad, 37% of high volume consumers managed to save the required amount, while 67% did not manage it, adding to a whopping 104% of all users!!!!

With such revolutionary math, no wonder we have such an electric mess!!!

(Hat tip: @jesuspi)

21 years after the “Caracazo”, Chavez receives a “Cacerolazo”

March 2, 2010

A few years ago, Chavez would give the word and organizers would go out, buses would come in and a decent showing would be made to celebrate Ezequiel Zamora’s circumcision if that is what he wanted.

But no more.

On Saturday, Chavez decided to hold his rally in the El Valle area of Caracas, a popular lower middle class area that is the residence of many of his Cabinet Ministers. Unfortunately, not only was attendance poor to commemorate the people’s revolt at “The Caracazo” 21 years ago, as seen in the picture above, but while giving his speech, Chavez was given the biggest live “Cacerolazo” he has received since he held a parade in la Carlota in the summer of 2002. (This blog did not even exist then)

Chavez shortened his speech and promised that the next day in his Sunday program Alo Presidente he would announce further measures against those responsible for the “Caracazo“.

But the program was canceled, using as an excuse that Chavez was travelling, something he knew on Saturday when he spoke..

And while Chavez tried to steal the remembrance of the Caracazo, from ONG’s to FARC-related groups, we were reminded that the deaths from that day 21 years ago, reamin unpunished with not a single person convicted for a single one of the hundreds of deaths that day. Because Chavez only remembers the Caracazo when it serves his purposes. And after 10 years of the IVth. Republic and eleven of the Vth. Republic under his own personal supervision, impunity remains the order of the day, no matter what Chavistas may want to say.

And more Cacerolazos are on the way, as the 10% salary increase of today, will be accompanied by price increases in 19 basic foodstuffs (all needed)