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Superficial observations about things happening in a Venezuela largely on vacation

March 30, 2010

Not much news here, as we are all taking a “Mega-Bridge”, the mother of all puentes*, as decreed by Hugo who apparently went to Cuba to enjoy Varadero beach or talk to the bearded one or both.

But there is always something going on here no matter what. For example:

–Chávez decreed a National Holiday for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On National Holidays, malls have been opened in recent years, there is no law that says otherwise. In fact, when you buy or rent a storefront in Sambil, you are obliged to open all year, except Christmas, Good Friday and New Year’s.

So, what do we get? The National Guard going around shutting down stores which are regularly open on National Holidays. I guess some holiday are more “National” than others. If  it is a Chávez whim, everyones shuts down, if it is a regular holiday, it’s flexible.

–And how about those Government statistics. According to the Chief of Government of the Distrito capital, the city has been able to reduce electric consumption by 60%.

Funny, given the percentage of consumption by each sector, it is truly amazing that such a high number was achieved. Maybe the calculator or the algorithm was the same used to tell us that 95% of the fire in the Avila mountain (now Wararirarepano) is  under control. Particularly because a few days ago it was 100% controlled. Maybe the electric savings will drop too.

–And you can’t even quit the revolution with some dignity. The former VP and honorary President of Chávez’ PSUV political party, retired General Alberto Müller, had some harsh words for their revolution when he quit yesterday from the party. Said Müller: “The revolutionaty process is dreadful, the President rarely ehars me..we are chaging an international policy for bourgeois naionalism that does not meet the expectations of the people…there are lots of bourgeois in the part, their lifestyle proves it…those of us from PPT that were true revolutionaries joined PSUV, the rest just want money, moollah, coins…”

Well, this is how that was interpreted by the party: “Relations with general Müller are intact, his decision to withdraw from the part is due to health reason”

Oh, I see, his health, or that of the revolution?

–Finally, remember the “resounding” sucess of the sale of the Carabobo heavy oli field? Two of three fields were sold and “contracts would be signed before the end of March” in what was the first new oil project after Chávez came to power in 1998.

Well, tomorrow is the very end of March and there is no signing, adding to the delay of the projects, auctioned 16 months late to start with. This means that there will be no new oil until …your guess is better than mine.

* A “Puente” or bridge refers to taking a vacation day when a holiday takes place right before or after a weekend wit a day in between.