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Zuloaga arrested: Ramiro Valdes’ repression plan fully in effect in Venezuela

March 25, 2010

The consulting that Cuban murderer and Chief repressor Ramiro Valdes did for President Hugo Chávez one month ago under the disguise of advising Venezuela on elctric matters, finally generated a plan that is being implemenetd as the arrest of Oswaldo Alvarez paz for giving an opinion is now followed with that of the President of Globovision Guillermo Zuloaga.

Zuloaga will supposedly being accused of “disrepescing the majesty of the first authority fo the country and conspiring agsint Venezuelan institutions”

Jeez, half the world would be in jail for this in any country, Zuloaga simply gave his opinion on teh Chávez Government, an opinio now held by around 60% of the Venezuelan population, including this blogger.

But even worse, Zuloaga’s statements took place last weekend. Thus, it is simply impossible for the Prosecutor to ahve built  a case, called witnesses and their testimony in order to have a legal order for Zuloaga’s capture. Moreover, Zuloaga had to be called to give his testimony and yes, defend himself.

But in fact, Zuloaga’s lawyer said on TV that his client has not been shown any order by any judge, he this is being detained illegally  for expressing his opionion.

This is characteristic of the Dictatorship that has now been imposed in Venezuela as Chávez popularity and hold on the system weakens through the ineptitude of his Government.

This is clearly on purpose, This is the advise of Cuban esbirro Ramiro Valdes. The Chávez Governemnt will no longer walk the fine line between legality or illegality nor act in the middle of the night, it will now do it in broad daylight, it needs to repress, block delete and one day even mutilate the enemies of the State as defined by Chávez and Ramiro´s book.

Funny, Zuloaga said this abroad, so there is even a problem of jurisdiction involved. Even Quico may be now accused for having an opinion! Just kidding!