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Speedy Venezuelan (In)Justice removes immunity of Deputy over a common crime

March 27, 2010

(Giving an opinion in Venezuela is a common crime, because nobody gives an opinion in favor of the regime)

The Venezuelan Supreme Court, the same one that has yet to respond to important human rights and electoral cases and injunctions after years, acted very swiftly, faster than Nazi Justice, to eliminate the immunity of Deputy William Azuaje so that he can be detained for a common crime. And the Venezuelan National Assembly acted even faster ratifying the decision by the Venezuelan Supreme Court less than six hours after receiving it and after a debate in which Azuaje was not allowed to defend himself. Azuaje was replaced in his seat in the National Assembly by a member of Chavze’ PSUV party.

The merits of the case are not the point. In the end it is Azuaje’s statement versus that of a policewoman that claims Azuaje abused her verbally and physically, while Azuaje says he did not abuse her physically and she asked for a bribe in order not to detain him.

The point is that Chavez has been going after Azuaje for quite a while, ever since he dared become a candidate for Governor in Barinas State, running against Chavez’ brother. Azuaje’s main campaign theme: That Chavez’ relatives have become large farm owners during the years of the robolution, growing their land and cattle holding by huge numbers. Azuaje went as far as presenting supporting documentation and presenting a formal accusation in the National Assembly.

Azuaje’s main accusation is that the Chavez family used their foreman in he family’s 50 Hectare farm La Chavera, to acquire an additional 600,000 Hectares and 5,000 heads of cattle, Azuaje’s main proof is that while the foreman is very well known to have been the family’s employee for years, he now owns the adjacent farm, without ever having had more than US$ 2,000 in his bank account, which Azuaje presented.

The National Assembly ignored the charges and decided instead to investigate Azuaje and even tried to remove Azuaje’s immunity, turning the case completely against him. Since then Azuaje became an independent Deputy continuing to accuse Chavez’ family of corruption and promoting his political career in Chavez’ home State of Barinas.

But now, the same Justice that is incapable of resolving cases in years or sentencing thousands of prisoners, in less than four days has jailed this enemy of the Dictator. As noted by Daniel, a rabid pro-Chavez Deputy Iris Valera was taped in a physical attack much more violent than the one that Azuaje is even accused of and no procedure was even started against her.

Such is the state of persecution, injustice and powers joined at the hip under the Chavez Dictatorship. This must clearly be another warning in Ramiro Valdes’ playbook: The media has been warned with Zuloaga, the opposition with Alvarez Paz, now the politicians have been warned. The question is simply who will be next?

If found guilty, Azuaje will not be able to run for reelection. All of those aspiring to be members of the National Assembly have been warned: The robolution will not tolerate anyone campaigning with accusations against Chavez and his Government.

The screws get tighter and tighter…