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Spain’s High Court accuses Venezuelan Government, Chavez plays dumb, dismisses charges

March 1, 2010

(Image stolen from Jesus Salamanca)

Chavismo may dismiss the charges made by Judge Eloy Velasco today, accusing the Venezuelan Government of collaborating with the ETA and FARC to kill top Colombian personalities, but they have to say something more than “unacceptable” or “delays from a colonial past” as Chavez dixit.

Because serious charges require serious answers and so far that is not what we have had from this side. Because by now Prime Minister Zapatero wants an answer and he is not going to like what he has heard so far. Nor is former President Colombian President Pastrana going to accept the typical cry baby explanations of Chavez and his crew. This is a time for real leaders and “varones” to face the music of their mistakes.

Because Judge Velasco and the Spanish High Court can not be swept under the rug of Chavismo lies and deceit. Judge Velasco has been looking at this case for nine years. He finally found no one, but dozens of smoking guns. And arguing that Reyes’ computers were fixed holds no water, there are many leads that lead Velasco to his charges and Zapatero to give him the green light. Remember, this is the same High Court that everyone cheered when it indicted Pinochet, different Judge, same reputation.

Because the indictment does not mince words, it says that there was cooperation between the Venezuelan Government, the FARC and ETA. Period. And it clearly says and states, that an employee of the Venezuelan Government Arturo Cubillas, who coincidentally happened to be the Head of ETA in Venezuela, trained “ETA members in the Colombian jungle, in exchange for ETA’s help in Spain, locating terrorist targets sought by FARC”, which included Uribe, Pastrana and Chavez’ future Presidential buddy Santos.

How do you like them apples?

I could go on. In one of the training “exercises” Cubillas showed up with a Venezuelan military truck full of my compatriots, serving the cause, I guess.

So, accusing Carlos Andres Perez is no help, nor saying that Reyes’ computers were trumped. Mr. Cubillas and his wife were Venezuelan Government officials. Period. Cubillas was caught red handed. Period. Either you deny a connection to Cubillas or you shut up, but you are not dealing with the fluffy Venezuelan opposition, Uribe, Zapatero, Pastrana and now Santos, want answers. No wishy washy statements about hearsay and the like, real answers, like a “varon”. Which Chavez and his Government don’t seem ready to do.

Except that Zapatero believes the Judge more than he believes Chavez or his bus driver Maduro. And Pastrana knows what Spain’s High Court has done in the past in the face of incredible political odds. So, it has been a bad week for Hugo and his thugs. From the CIDH report, to the High Court sentence to the Cacerolazo in El Valle, Hugo is not hitting his stride. You can fool some of the people all the time, but Chavez wants to fool even his shadow, who sees and hears every irresponsible thing he does or says.

(As for Cubillas, Alek Boyd told us about him long time ago. Were you listening?)

Hugo, say you didn’t do it!

March 1, 2010

From AP

A Spanish judge has accused Venezuela of collaborating with Basque separatists and Colombian rebels, and says these two groups plotted to assassinate Colombia’s president.

Judge Eloy Velasco made the allegation Monday in a 26-page indictment in which he charged six members of the Basque group ETA , most of them exiled in Latin America, and seven members of the Colombian leftist rebel group FARC with a variety of crimes including terrorism and conspiracy to commit murder.