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Some Disclaimers in the face of the Assembly’s investigation of “administrators” of webpages

March 16, 2010

(The regime wants to monopolize falsehood)

Tonight that illustrious (but not illustrated) body, the Venezuelan National Assembly (formerly known as Congress, which never imagined we would remember fondly) decided to create a commission to investigate the “administrators” of webpages, based on the fact that Article 58 of the Venezuelan Constitution guarantees free speech, but they seem to like more Article 108, which says media should contribute to citizens education and public peace.

While I know it is presumptuos of me to pretend that I will be part of the investigation, since I am not a “portal”, nor do I have the ranking of ND or Noticias24, nor the humor of the Chiguire, I would like to emphasize the following points:

1) I do not administer this page. I write it. I allow free comments, as long as people don’t try to ignore what is said in it, come to fill my bandwidth or those who try to “outblog” me by writing comments that are longer than the post. I have banned one person (SteveH) and sometimes have erased  comments for a variety of reasons described here, but these incidents have been quite rare. I even allow lies (they can be shot down easily) and adoration of Chavez to be expressed, but I also call a troll a troll when it needs be.

2) Since my webpage is in English (even if it has a sister Spanish page, which contains 20% of the same content in Spanish and nobody seems to care for or even read it) it was not my aim to comply with Article 108 of the Venezuelan Constitution to “contribuir a la formacion ciudadana” (contribute to educate the citizens). You see, when I began this blog, I was trying to educate the citizens of other countries about the fake Chavez robolution, which at the time it still began with rev-. In fact, I sort of like Article 58 much more, because it is a right for all Venezuelans., while Art. 108 seems narrower and less important as it applies to the “media”, whatever it may be. As Chavez would say, Article 58 belongs to the “pueblo”, the “people”, Art. 108 seems more for the oligarchs, the “media” of any sort, or side. But what do I know.

3) Before the Assembly begins investigating I would like it to clarify whether if someone reproduces a Government lie, such as “It is not my fault if there is an electric problem’ or “the swap rate is going to Bs. 4.3per $” or reproduces a list that promotes hate like the Chavez/Tascon list, whether it will be the source that will be charged or those putting it up in Internet. This would be very important going forward, particular for those that use Twitter and hashtags (Chavistas: Look it up!), as we could create hashtags such as “Tasconslistpromoteshate or #ifnotchavezfaultwhoseisit?

4) Finally, I inform my readers that tonight I will proceed to erase all of the IP numbers and emails of everyone that has ever posted a comment in my blog. If you did not know it, every time you post a comment, your data is recorded. Given this threat to your privacy and your right to say what you want, I will help protect your rights as best as I can. (Including those that support the Dictator). I hate to see that database go…

Thanks for reading…