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Venezuela: Where everything is truly backwards

March 24, 2010

(Comrade, sorry to interrupt you activities, can you tell me where Oswaldo Alvarez Paz´house is?)

In another demonstration of long term planning, responsibility and caring for productivity and the values of hard work, President Hugo Chávez has just announced that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Easter week (next week) will also be holidays next week in order to save electricity. We have an eight day holiday for the whole country starting Saturday.

Everything is backwards these days in Venezuela.

Note added: After Hugo had his whim, the Government realized the announced “Feriado Nacional” could not be “Nacional”, it is end of the month, tax payments are due on Wednesday and a country can’t function like that for eight days, so we get the exceptions:

Electric companies, telephone, hospitals (??), banks, drugstores, Foods, Hotels (obvious), Restaurants (holidays don’t apply to them anyway), public transporation.

Revolutionary Management Strategy: Ask everyone to resign in the middle of the electric crisis

March 24, 2010

The letter above, shows a very peculiar style of management, ask everyone to resign from Corpoelec in the middle of a huge electric crisis.

This will do wonders for morale and hard work, capable people will simply quit and tell Rodriguez to stuff his electric problem and deal with it himself. Then we will see a bunch of Capitancitos and Tenienticos con “estudios” in engineering replace them.

I guess that is how you run a guerrilla troop, the only experience Rodriguez has in management. Oh! I am wrong, I forgot he fired 20,000 people from PDVSA and we all know how that turned out…