Revolutionary Management Strategy: Ask everyone to resign in the middle of the electric crisis

March 24, 2010

The letter above, shows a very peculiar style of management, ask everyone to resign from Corpoelec in the middle of a huge electric crisis.

This will do wonders for morale and hard work, capable people will simply quit and tell Rodriguez to stuff his electric problem and deal with it himself. Then we will see a bunch of Capitancitos and Tenienticos con “estudios” in engineering replace them.

I guess that is how you run a guerrilla troop, the only experience Rodriguez has in management. Oh! I am wrong, I forgot he fired 20,000 people from PDVSA and we all know how that turned out…

15 Responses to “Revolutionary Management Strategy: Ask everyone to resign in the middle of the electric crisis”

  1. Roger Says:

    So did they all resign? Is the grid now run by Rancheros with rolls of Lampa under their arms?

  2. loroferoz Says:

    “Curioser and curioser”
    “Now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!”

    Rather than ask them why the country is decaying (too real) ask them how they really feel…

  3. Lía Says:

    How curious. In my work I have to read and abstract books for my boss, and just now I was working with “The Speed of Trust” of one of the Covey family members. I was reading about institutional trust and the wonders it does with morale and productivity, when I see in the feeds this textbook example of distrust and dishonesty, inn the shape of a badly written and incredibly maligned letter. Kepler and Jesus are right: they are not fired, they are asked to write their own resignation letters, who may or may no be forced to lend. Worse, they may or may not be “reassigned” instead of being sacked, which can be worse than merely fired because if you are kicked out at least you know you have not to come back.

    This’s like if the condemned to hanging were forced to buy their own rope and tie the noose. Pagapeos, as they say years ago. Worse job conditions for middle and high management can only be found in Scientology’s SeaOrg boat! And you don’t want your organization to be compared with Scientology, another organization with very low internal trust.

    And then the leader’s jeletis ask themselves why the country is decaying. ¡Así, así es que se gobierna, carajo!

  4. Mapero Says:

    Dear friend:
    Wright at the point….bullseye again with your comments!

  5. Kepler Says:

    Guys, if you don’t know that lingo:
    “poner a disposicion” is worse than sacking somebody.
    They are “personal de confianza”, which means it is politics. Either they accept and they give them something (most likely money) or they get sacked and the government does anything to put them in problems: they would put off for as long as possible the payment of unemployment money, they would make life difficult in any other state related interaction between the sacked and the state, etc.

  6. Juancho Says:

    It’s obvious by the phrasing, diction, word choice and grade school grammar of the Rodriguez letter that these morons can’t even handle standard-issue Espanol. It’s a national disgrace, really. It was Keplercito that pointed out this beauty:

    “tengo el agrado de…. ponga a la disposicion los cargos”



  7. Pelao Manrique Says:

    I think Rodriguez’s idea is pure genius. We can simply paraphrase it now and apply to the President:

    Dear Mr. President,

    We are currently evaluating…..

    Therefore, we ask that that you please step down. The country needs immediate solutions, and the motherland demands it of us.

  8. dillis Says:

    yes how ridiculous island canuck! talk about improvisation! obviously the latest readings for El Guri can’t be good?

  9. island canuck Says:

    “And is anyone taking bets on how much will the GDP drop in the first quarter? ”

    Chavez has just announced that the whole week of Semana Santa will be a holiday!

    Normally the official days off are Thursday & Friday however this now includes Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

    The countdown to the stupid liquor restrictions begins in 5,4,3…

  10. dillis Says:

    and now Monday thru Friday next week are going to be holidays

    at this rate Jesus, a 12.5% drop is generous!

  11. Jesus Says:

    “[…]pongan a disposición los cargos que ocupan actualmente a fin de que sean ratificados en sus funciones o reorientados en otras áreas laborales[…]”

    Technically, he’s not going to fire them, he’s just going to do the Chávez shuffle and put them in a different job, because Chávez cannot possibly fire loyal people (only evil vendepatria pitiyankee opposition can be fired). If he started to fire loyal-but-incompetent people they’ll just go to PPT or something stupid like that and stop being his sycophants. Chávez might be highly delusional, but he’s not delusional enough not to realize that the only reason they obey him is because he gives them a lot of money without expecting them to do any actual working.

    In any case, wasn’t El Niño the one causing the electrical crisis? And I mean the electrical crisis which is just an invention of the evil right-wing media, of course.

    And is anyone taking bets on how much will the GDP drop in the first quarter? If there is, then I’d like to put $100 on a 12.5% drop.

  12. CARLOS Says:


    The president of CADFE was name president no more than 15 days ago. Poor guy, maybe he didnt have any time to warm the chair

  13. EG Says:

    He is so nice and proper: Mr. Araque “tiene el AGRADO” of conveying the news. Cute.

  14. Carlos Says:

    Primitive management practices and poor grammar. I doubt any good will come of this. But that is all we can expect from authoritarian people, unfortunately “educated” in what has turned out to have been an authoritarian education under so called “democratic” regimes which were more authoritarian than democratic. Romulo Gallegos had it down pat in Doña Barbara, with the difference here is that Doña Barbara is in full control and with no qualms or doubts.

  15. keplerito Says:

    You have to admire the style:

    “tengo el agrado de…. ponga a la disposicion los cargos”

    Unbelievable, they cannot even write properly a firing letter…..

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