Hugo Chavez Proves He Is No Democrat

August 4, 2011

While I have never had any doubt about Chavez’ democratic beliefs, today he proves he is no democrat and does not believe in democracy, saying that in 1998 he had doubts about whether the path for his revolution was a peaceful and democratic one or not. And to make the point complete, he then goes on to say these doubts resurfaced in 2002.

As if we did not know. Two coups in 1992, decided to run in 1998, has always threatened with his weapons, has used his weapons against the “people’ and often, including April 2011…

Another one for the record, another one for the trials, he will have doubts again, he is no democrat, he will not relinquish power via democratic means.

20 Responses to “Hugo Chavez Proves He Is No Democrat”

  1. CharlesC Says:

    Doesn’t anyone think that Shavez looks more like
    Benito Mussolini now? Esp.riding in jeep with uniform and beret…
    (Maybe he’ll receive the same fate.)
    Actually-I think the uniform ,etc. yesterday-w/military alongside
    of the road- was all show- before-the Godhead becomes
    ill and cannot “display”…another “tour de force” before
    he get’s more chemo..

  2. YO Says:

    Well the wild-wild west is official now in Venezuela:

    Ordenes de la nueva Ministra Verela: Ni un preso más para las cárceles. Nadie ira preso hasta nueva orden!!!

  3. island canuck Says:

    Now it begins (or continues):

    The CNE in Barinas supposedly opened 57 voter registration locations & only gave the information to the government party PSUV.

    I know, they should have been able to tell where they were by the long lines of red shirts however that could easily have been mistaken for long lines for cooking oil, arena pan or margarine..

  4. A_Antonio Says:

    Chavez gets to power by democratic means. But as incompetent as he is, hundred of thousand died because he can not get a grip to delinquency and health care.

    If was not, provably more than above would died if he tried it through a civil war. So death to all around is the consequence because him; like Hitler did.

  5. JulioPacheco Says:

    Miguel: On the other hand Chavez might croak and fools like this guy will go the rest of their lives thinking their God was a democrat.

  6. Juan Crespo Says:

    What he has proven, once again in history, is that people love celebrities,reality shows and fantasy.

    I am a Sci-fi fan myself.

    But i know real life from lightsabers and…speeches.

  7. moctavio Says:


    Why do I have to spell or suggest anything? The day will come and we will see what happens. It won’t be pretty for fools like you.

  8. Pygmalion Says:

    If you are correct that Chavez will not relinquish power by democratic means then what do you suggest doing? Spell it out.

  9. A_Antonio Says:

    He did not should leave the jail. What is the difference with Hitler?

  10. la_roche Says:

    Obvious observation: he will not leave power even if he loses the 2012 elections. There it is, crystal clear for all to hear.

  11. LGL Says:

    Was there any doubt? Straight from the horse’s mouth from 2004:

    “Pero ya en 1994, pocos meses después de haber salido de prisión, nosotros teníamos un mapa estratégico. Estoy seguro que aquí hay algunos que lo recuerdan, y pudieran hasta explicarlo. Yo de tanto repetirlo y explicarlo por el país, en tantas reuniones que hicimos me lo sé de memoria. Ese mapa fue el producto de una serie de trabajos y reuniones donde estaban el hoy ministro Giordani, que no está con nosotros por encontrarse de reposo médico; el ex ministro Héctor Navarro, y un grupo de militares y civiles.

    62. Con ese mapa navegamos en el 94, en el 95 y en el 96. En el 96 empezamos hacerle adecuaciones. Es decir, cuando ustedes me veían que llegaba por allá por unas montañas, por un pueblito, a reunirme un domingo, a hacer una concentración no sé donde, ya actuábamos de acuerdo a un plan estratégico. Luego en el 96 comenzamos a darle un vuelco al mapa cuando apareció lo que llamábamos entonces· “ventana táctica”. Porque nosotros no teníamos dudas hacia donde íbamos, ahora cómo hacerlo, si por la vía pacífica o por la vía armada, eso empezó a ser tema de debate durante varios años.

    1) En el 96. 97 se abrió la ventana electoral

    63. Entonces en el 96, en el 97 se abrió la ventana electoral de 1998 y decidimos irnos por ahí. Alguna gente de nuestras filas se fue sino molesta, desencantada; esa gente que siempre cree en la lucha armada pues. Uno de ellos, a quien yo respeto, nunca olvidaré, fue Domingo Alberto Rangel, el viejo”

    Hugo Chavez, El Gran Salto Adelante, 12 de Nov 2004, notas editadas por Marta Harnecker

    Notice that elections were a tactical window…the strategic plan was to take power either by armed revolution or elections, winning by elections was just opportunistic…That document is full of gems.

  12. island canuck Says:

    He will not leave democratically.

  13. HalfEmpty Says:

    this man will never face anything, i just know it.

    Depends on the entire Karma situation at his time.

  14. Alejandro Says:

    What is interesting and revealing is that moments of doubts happen when he’s vulnerable and weak.

    He’s a coward…

    Democracy is adversarial. The armed forces are only there to guarantee this process.

    But Chavismo is fascism, totalitarian. He’s morally wrong, he’s corrupt. Thus he’ll tilt the balance of power by any means.

  15. Gene Says:

    Anybody could notice he was and is no “democrat” but his ability to connect with the majority of the population, their needs and fears, proves he does not need this qualification, just to appear so for the rest of the world, and at this he has proved to be a master.

    The MUD unable to make this connection to the majority does not stand a chance to win anything, except in those places where logical thinking trumps personal feelings, but they are a minority.

    Of course if he should not be around on election day, that would be another story, because none of his followers has so far been able to make this connection either.

  16. moctavio Says:

    I agree, I expect his demise from his illness before Dec. 12, but you never know…Someone has to keep a record.

  17. Juan Crespo Says:

    I understand he is no democrat, never has been, but i laugh everytime i hear “another one for the trials”. Come on really? this man will never face anything, i just know it.

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