Hugo Chavez Defines His Tired, Failed Presidency And Revolution

August 7, 2011

In the interview of Hugo Chavez by Jose Vicente Rangel, shown today, but taped on Thursday, the Venezuelan President attempts to describe the successes and failures of his Presidency. In so doing, Chavez shows how tired and failed his revolution and his Presidency are. The “successes” are mostly old or in the end, failures, while the failures are mostly old too, remembrances of his most heroic days:


-Constituent Assembly which opened the doors to the new Constitution and Socialism

Well, this happened long ago (11 years to be precise) and he is changing history, the new Constitution, which he just ignores and violates lately, did not open the door to socialism, had nothing to do with socialism.

-Taking over PDVSA

Again this happened 8 years ago and so far all eh has managed to do is reduce the company’s ability to function, destroy its human and technological capabilities and reduce production.


Again, he said we were going into socialism long ago (2005?), but has yet to define it or even implemented. Socialism is not taking over companies and destroying them, nor taking over farms and abandon them. Socialism is not having a President wear fancy watches and buying armored Bentley’s to take him around. Socialism is not the creation of a wealthy “bolibourgeois class” that lives of the Government importing everything or the financial transactions it invents.

Thus, in his successes, nothing is recent, nothing is real, just smoke and mirrors of old political “victories”

On the failures:

-Having an “orthodox” economic policy in the first few years of his Government

Well, that is also old, but if he thinks the non-orthodox policies have been good, he should look at July’s CPI, a 2.7% increase, giving a 25% increase for the last 12 months and 4.8% increase in food prices in July alone.

-Lack of efficiency of his Government

The only constant in his failures, twelve years of consistent inefficiency.

-Having respected military hierarchy up to 2003.

Once again, something that happened long ago. Nothing would have changed if he had done it earlier, just the destruction of institutions would have been accelerated.

Without desiring it, Chavez has define, in both what he thinks were successes and failures, how tired his empty revolution is, he draws on a distant past. Nothing from the last six years, except the continued ineffectiveness of his Government.

25 Responses to “Hugo Chavez Defines His Tired, Failed Presidency And Revolution”

  1. moctavio Says:

    How sweet how far the revolution has come, from Lincoln to Bentley, only a factor of 5 difference….

  2. Gerrardo Gordon Says:

    For the record, Hugo’s newest ride is an armored 602hp Bentley Flying Spur.

    It serves to isolate him both from road noise and complaints from commoners.

  3. moctavio Says:

    I dont think saying he is sick helps him in any way. If he is not sick, how did he lose 15 kilos? Why did he disappear and try to reappear too son only to disappear again? He is definitely sick.

  4. Julio Says:

    I don’t think hi is sick at all, well… yes, he is sick, he is not ill I shall say. All this cancer BS is just una artimaña to get the pity of the people (his own people) who started to turn their backs on him. Now… he will go “full speed” with his revolution using all the power that HIS constitution gives him and Venezuela will end up being another CUBA or IRAN or SIRIA

  5. LuisF Says:

    hey Loroferoz, if you want a great read on how this intentional destruction is fgoing to look like, look no further to this excellent book written by Rodesian expats in now days zinbawe.

  6. moctavio Says:

    I think it was because he does not do interviews that often. He probably owed Rangel one.

  7. nomi Says:

    Why did he do this recap? Any anniversary? Or could it be he is ready to check out and he wants to dictate what he did for all future generations to know?

  8. island canuck Says:

    I was just reviewing today’s news and read a report that the cable car in Merida will be ready “finales de 2012”.

    Has anyone else noticed that ALL their projects are scheduled to be completed “finales de 2012”. Kind of convenient.

    They won’t have to deal with any criticism before the election. If they lose they won’t have to explain anything. If they win they won’t have to explain anything.

    Win, win all the way around.

  9. Kepler Says:

    During how many days a year do Venezuelans work?
    I hear all the time: Christmas holidays, summer holidays, long Easter, every “puente” for one day holidays, Reyes, etc, etc.

  10. bobthebuilder Says:

    Curioser & curioser. I guess the interview is an attempt to maintain public profile & sympathy whilst he’s undergoing treatment. A tactical act of contrition whilst he is weak.

    But it also sounds like a valediction. This should be another golden opportunity for the opposition. But being the summer holidays I wont be surprised to see a total lack of opposition energy to seize the initiative.

  11. moctavio Says:

    No time, trying to do too much 😦 sorry

  12. Carlo Says:

    Miguel, you last chart is outdated (APR 25), 4 days before the beginning of the silver mess..(and this whole mess).
    What’s up? Do you have a new blog? NO more posts or charts?

  13. CharlesC Says:

    The only constant in his failures, twelve years of consistent inefficiency.

    Yes, can’t the people see that. The opposition should pound on this every day. Billions wasted. Are you happier now? Are you better off now?
    What do you expect from the future- huge debts- this idiot spending
    more billions borrowing and spending more billions…
    Can the people wake up to this truth?

    • loroferoz Says:

      Message to Venezuelans should go like this:

      And that he is definitely NOT THERE to improve YOUR LIFE or to make it easier.

      He’s there to aim for Socialism, and to preserve Fidel in Cuba. An aged man’s dictatorship and a nonexistent system. NO MATTER what it costs to you in lost freedom and life.

      In fact, if you think you have suffered, think again (you twit!). This guy’s recipes can VERY INTENTIONALLY take your suffering to Cuban and Angolan levels.

  14. loroferoz Says:

    This could be presented successfully to Venezuelans, with a bare minimum of spin.

    Note that his successes and failures -almost to the jot and tittle- have to do with him gaining and retaining absolute power, and maybe instituting that failed system he has in mind somewhere in the future.

    Not one (or maybe just inefficiency) has to do with actually improving or even preserving quality of life for Venezuelans.

    He simply doesn’t care about… You know, welfare or freedom of what he views as mere subjects and serfs. He only cares about his own personal grasp on power and performing some twisted experiments on them (us!) that are supposed to produce a blissful, never before observed state of things known as Socialism in some faraway future. That is, if said experimentation does not loosen his grip on power.

    What a piece of… work he is.

    • CharlesC Says:

      loroferoz-you nailed him!! He is a sociopath- an actor, a clown,
      a crazed demigod wannabe. The fact is Chavez ‘orbits” around a
      very singular pole- himself.In truth, a low-class pig.
      Hamon de jour -for one and all. ‘ jamón en posee los jugos”

  15. LD Says:

    This would explains why he is getting chemotherapy for a (supposed) prostate cancer. It is the last resource.

  16. LD Says:

    He also said:
    Detalló, que los dolores en su cuerpo comenzaron a finales de año 2010, justo cuando se presentaron las inundaciones en diciembre, “me dolía la pierna, hasta se me paralizaba, pero no podía dejar de trabajar, hasta que el 5 de julio estando en Cuba, Raúl Castro me llevó a una clínica donde después de operaciones y estudios me detectaron la enfermedad.
    Well, that was the “knee-problem” It points to a compression of a nerv (a spinal column metastasis?). But until now he denies having a metastasis…

  17. albionoldboy Says:

    Chavez is the proverbial dog chasing a car, except this dog caught it and has no idea what to do with it, except not letting it go.

    Having gotten power Chavez invents excuses for just sniffing the tiers and peeing on it, In a way Rafael Caldera was the same except the car was the CAP presidency.

  18. HalfEmpty Says:

    Well there is that total nirvana thing, he’ll always have that going for him.

  19. moctavio Says:

    No, I think I have to increase the size of the fonts in my Mac

    • Ira Says:

      Carlos is right, Miguel:

      But it’s not just spelling typos. It’s punctuation and grammar too. And they’re in every piece here.

      You need an editor/proofreader, and I volunteer.

      I’m pretty sure I posted about this in the past, and I get flamed for it.

  20. CarlosElio Says:

    Regarding failures, he was more candid in January 2008.

    As time goes by his skills at lying and telling half-truths develop further. That may be the only thing that has steadily grown during his pestilence (I was going to write “presidency” but I did not want to tell a half-truth)

    PD MO, are you red-lining? The amount of typos in your post suggests you are working in the wee hours of the morning)

  21. Carlos Says:

    … And then a short ride in a brand new armored Bentley to take a flight to Cuba. The picture in the Bentley does not show the usual Patek or Cartier gold watch. I am wondering how almost 10 millions of venezuelans are so dumb to support him.

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