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Google blocked in China—–Who else is being blocked?

September 3, 2002

As you have probably read (via J. Robb) already, Chinese authorities are blocking Google because of its capabilities of making a search in Chinese. Google is fighting it. This is obvious paranoia. Contribute to the paranoia by linking to this page and find other pages that are being censored.

Altavista, Playboy, MIT (???), Columbia Univeristy(???), BBC , Amnesty International are not NOT available, hotbot, lycos, Harvard University and ixquick are. Harvardsucks is blocked, go figure, loyalty to the alma mater? At least The Google Dance is still available there……does not mean they can use it


Is Venezuela ready to implode?

September 3, 2002

Venezuela may be on a collision course similar to that that took place in April as President Hugo Chavez is clearly challenging the military to attempt to overthrow him by provoking them into action before there is consensus that he needs to go.

As detailed here the Venezuelan Supreme Court decided on August 14th. that there was no reason to try four Generals for their part on the events in April. According to Venezuelan law, the Court has to find evidence against any high ranking military in order for a military Court to  try the official. Well, reportedly, military courts are ready to try and find guilty as many as 300 officers in the next few days beginning with four Generals tomorrow. If found guilty all the officers would be discharged, essentially cleaning the military ranks of all officers who do not support the President.

The possibility that the President may do this is actually far-fetched in the sense that there would clearly be a reaction from those officers who are more institutional than pro or agaisnt Hugo Chavez. Thus, the theory around Caracas is that Chavez wants to provoke these Generals into overthrowing him as a way of forcing them out into the open and clean the military from all possible opposition. The high ranking military will attempt to defend their positions via the Supreme Court in the next few days, but if the Court does not give them protection it might be too late for them to act. In any case, a conflict may be brewing and it may reach the proportions of that in April, which ended tragically. By forcing the hand of the high ranking officers, the President may be looking to forcing them into action before they are ready. Many of the high ranking officers that would remain have said that they will support the President only as long as he respects the Constitution. Stay tuned…