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Weird Google

September 6, 2002

I wrote earlier two articles about google searches. Basically, the discovery of a new orchid species made for a good subject to study google searches, given that June 18th. was the first report of a new orchid named Phragmipedium kovachii .  On August 16th. I began testing how many citations there were to this term and whether or not my blog was reported in the search. Surprisingly, what I found was that initially the number of references dropped and whether my blog was catalogued or not varied from day to day. From an initial 33 results, the number dropped as low as 22 with my blog showing up or not in apparent random fashion. Then it began to climb slowly reaching 42 results three days ago at which point I stopped checking. But lo and behold today the number is once again down to only 26, although my site is still referenced. Thus, Google operates in mysterious ways. One side result of my experiments is that the only search engines that comes close to finding pages with a result comparable to Google is ixquick which combines a number of engines in one. Today, while Google sits at 26 different unique pages, ixquick finds  36 unique websites, higher than the 26 Google finds today, but below the 42 it found earlier in the week.

Note added on Sept. 9th.: On Monday Sept. 9th. , the term generated 40 pages and my site was back in the list. If this is correlated with the fact that the Google Dance began sometime Saturday, it might be that while Google is searching the web periodically, the search database goes back to some earlier image, once the search is over, the new database takes over.