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Foveon and Sigma disclose price for SD-9

September 20, 2002

Foveon and Sigma revealed today the price of the SD-9 camera that will be the first one to use the Foveon chip (see my post on the subject). Contrary to expectations, the pirce is much lower, the Manufacturer Suggested Retail price will be US$ 1,800 in the US, probably lower with discounts. Cool, very cool!!

Venezuela: Demonstration Repressed by the National Guard

September 20, 2002

Background: An anti-Government group announces an anti-Chavez vigil starting at 3PM Friday afternoon and scheduled to last until 6 AM Saturday. The vigil is to take place right outside a military airport in the East of Caracas. I really did not expect more than 100-200 people at the demonstration as its leader is somewhat right wing and has been calling for the millitary to take power away from Chavez. On Thursday the Government issues a decree declaring eight areas of the city as “protection” areas including the military airport. The organizers of the demonstration change their permits to a square two blocks away which is a symbol of the anti-Chavez movement two blocks away. Simultaneously on Thursday the intelligence police detains the leader of that movement, without any legal order to do so.

Today’s Events: During the day one sees large contingent of National Guards moving around the military airport. As demonstrators begin to gather in the new location, the Guardsmen leave the airport and surround the area where the demonstration is to take place. As the crowd grows, the National Guard General tells people that they can’t be there because it is within the protection zone of the decree. The demonstrators, mostly women, say they have a permit and will not move. As TV stations broadcast this, more and more people gather. The National Guard gives them a 4:30 PM deadline to vacate the square. The crowd grows. At 5:30 PM as I was going to join the crowd, the National Guard begins using tear gas and the absolutely peacefull, legal demonstration is bombarded by tear gas and plastic bullets for over an hour. The crowd disperses and meets somewhere else in the city (no permit), three people are injured. 

The leader of demonstration was released roughly at the same time as the demonstartors were gassed. The judge found that his rights were violated and none of the procedures required to detain a person had been followed, including no arrest order and there was no attorney from the Attorney General’s office present as required by law.

Here you can read the NYT story on these events in english.

This is the “democratic” Government that the OAS, the Carter Center and PNUD have been defending. Shame on the President, the National Guard and the military, who for months have been saying they are “institutional”. They are simply cowards. They have seen this Government murder 18 people in April. they have seen people’s rights violated over and over and they claim they are defending “insitutionality”. They are defending their asses and their pensions, nothing more. the actions yesterday and today are simply repression and actions by a semi-dictatorial Government who cares nothing for human rights. They are hypocritical bastards who use tear gas against a peaceful demonstrations made up mostly of courageous middle-aged women that have the guts the military does not have. How many people have to be repressed, injured or killed before the world sees this…….


(picture in my brother’s blog Tyromaniac)