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Venezuela approaches the brink: NYT article agrees with my implosion view……

September 21, 2002

From today’s NYT article:

“It is starting to look very much like what led to the Spanish Civil War,” said Eduardo Fernandez, a former general secretary of the opposition Copei party. “We are tempting the devil.”

I really dont think the Civil War analogy is a good one, but do think there will be many deaths when this is all over. Sadly, but our coward military leaders have allowed it to go too far in the name of an institutionality which exists only in their imaginations.

Disagree also with the statement Mr. Chavez has moderated. He did modearte his speech but he is back to his old self. I also believe that he would lose in an election of three candidates or less and not like the article suggests that he would win an election. If this were true he would have scheduled one already. Polls show he has no more than 30% of the vote but it is not clear these people would go vote as demonstarted by recent regional elections in regions where his party had the same 30% support, but got less than 5% of the vote, see my earlier post.