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Strange warning by US Embassy in Caracas

September 18, 2002

Can’t help but find it strange that the US Embassy in Caracas issued late Wenesday a statement in which they condemn any possible attempt either violent or illegal which would endanger democracy in Venezuela. The statement says that the diplomatic representative is gravely concerned about intense rumors about a possible violent action to solve the current political crisis.

What makes the statement strange is that while things are indeed tense in Venezuela, there is no sense of an impending resolution to the problems like there was a few months ago. I do believe that things are slowly building up again to a strong confrontation, but obviously US intelligence must know something I don’t know, given the timing of the statement. Interestingly enough, local newspaper Tal Cual, carried today an editorial against the possibility of a military coup. I found the timing of the article strange, but maybe the two go together.

On a lighter note the same newspaper carried on page 6 a note on Solomon Babu of Trinidad, a witchdoctor, according to whom there will be two coups in the world soon, one in Pakistan and the other in Venezuela. Mr. Babu (or is it Mr. Salomon) says that Chavez will be replaced by another parachutist. Curiously, in Venezuela parachutist (or paracaidista) is the word used for those that achieve positions without having the merits or qualifications to occupy them. I guess it would apply rather well to both Mr. Chavez and Babu’s predicted President.


Some observations on the tech world and investing

September 18, 2002

Cisco CEO and CFO certify the company’s financial statements

Funny stocks used to go down on fears that they would not certify, but fail to go up when they do, maybe it was simply an excuse. Interesting that none of the major Silicon Valley companies failed to certify or had an accounting scandal, maybe the true tech revolution is also ethical.

Sun to agressively sell Linux with its computers.

Oh! Oh! Is this bad luck for Linux? Another failed anti-Microsoft strategy? Why is Sun always paranoid about Microsoft? Sun should just find its own vision. This must be the 37th. anti-Microsoft strategy planned by Sun. Sounds weird, expensive box, Linux inside. McNealy says his boxes will be cheaper, I remember him saying the same thing when the Pentium first came out in ’93.

Lucent will do anything to return to profits

Umm, Lucent must be on its 17th. consecutive warning on profits. Is it different this time? Merge with Nortel? Fire everyone? Build a molecular transistor?. Compete with Dell? How about using Linux? Oh, no, I guess Unix was born here I guess we just decided to give it away for free!

Cisco sees Dell as a competitor

Well, if this were sports I would be happy, but maybe Cisco will find at last a true competitor. I like Cisco better if only because there is no Mr. Cisco, even if his name may be Chambers.

Intersil may start a price war on 802.11a chipsets

Maybe this will be THE solution to the broadband access problem. Cheap wireless networks everywhere!!

Linux worm hits the network

What I find weird about this story is that nobody says Bill Gates is the suspected hacker.