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The Scam works sometimes- How stupid can people be?

September 22, 2002

Well, out of the millions of e-mails sent by the African scammers, I guess sometimes they feel it is worth it. Look at the case of the secretary of this law office who stole $2.1 million to wire to the scammers to “help” in transferring the $18 million Mr. Mbuso Nelson needed to transfer out of the South African Ministry of Mines. I guess greed wins too often. Overshadows the $5 record by the scamees by quite a bit.

(As shown by this article it is even worse than I thought, too mant people fall for it!!!!)

Chavez is the one! by Carolina Hernandez

September 22, 2002

Another good article from today’s El Nacional page A-4, transalated freely by me

Chavez is the one!              by Carolina Hernandez

For a while I have been impressed by the immense capacity that we Venezuelans have to criticize everything, absolutely everything  that our President does. It can’t be that we don’t like anything or that nothing satisfies us! Its absurd and amazing! After hours of reflection, I began to see everything in a different light.

My change came about just when Chavez announced that he would travel to South Africa to participate in the World Summit on Sustainable Development, where he would address issues relating to poverty. That statement created a whirlwind of criticism which I believe is absolutely unfair.

Since then I have been transformed. Now I understand Chavez. It was precisely after hearing that blessed statement that I became his defender. Because those that have crticized him have been too harsh, without analizing well his intentions and the duty he has to attend that meeting.

My friend, for one moment remove yourself of all your prejudices against Chavez and reflect on it. Be as objective as possible and answer: Is there a country with a Chief Executive more capable or as capable as Chavez to explain to the world the formula of how to kill poverty? Let’s consider some things that make Chavez the ideal person to expose such a blessed formula. Given the remarkable increment in the numbers that reveal that a high percentage of the venezuelan child population of less than two years has some type of malnutrition, do you think any other President has managed to improve Chavez’ record in only four years, sorry, two years in power? Maybe you are still not convinced of the mandate Chavez had to go to the summit. And if I remind you of the unemployment numbers? Since the beginning of this beautiful revolution, the number of unemployed has doubled and today, there are more than four million people who are part of the informal economy. Still don’t think that Chavez is the ideal person to speak about how to eliminate poverty? I see that you have high standards, but think about it! Look at Chavez’ partners in the National Assembly, they are now charging a VAT  to most, for not saying all, the products that feed those that have the least. Since the approval of the damm tax, Chavez’ Governemnt is fullfilling one of its main objectives. He is getting rid of the poorest! He is killing them of hunger! See how he was the indicated person to explain the silly formula? Have I convinced you? After all I have said , you still don’t believe that Chavez was not the ideal person to explain the thesis of how to attack poverty? But, render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, we have to accept even if it hurts deep in our souls, that the Government Chavez leads is one for the record books. We have to recognize that it has established records in statistics of empovireshment of the population. It is so fast! With four, sorry! with two, recently achieved, years in power, it has also halved the purchasing power of the population.

Is there in the world someone with more merit, someone with more proof of talent to erradicate poverty? Is there another person as or more capable than Chavez to explain to the world how to combat and destroy -his own people- with poverty? In my opinion Hugo Chavez was the most ideal person to present such a plan. We have to leave selfishness aside! I definitely believe that he had to go to South Africa to share with the world the formula that has been so infallible to extermiante the poor. And you……what do you think?

From savage neoliberalism to the populism of a savage by Oscar Garcia Mendoza

September 22, 2002

Translated liberally from an article in page 2-6 of today’s El Universal:

From Savage Neoliberalism to the Populism of a Savage

by Oscar Garcia Mendoza

In some latter time, which I hope will not be too distant, I would like to read an essay entitled like this article which evidently will summarize the disaster that we are living.

Many times a relative of mine described his wife sayng that she was crazy, but that she was very dangerous because she was a coherent nut. She would say things that seemed reasonable, but they were not and that was her danger. I don’t want to say that we have not noticed this with our leader, but many that do not have this perception or don’t know him believe that what he says has some degree of reason and believe from him the most incredible things.

Liberalism is good administartion. Assigning limited resources to unlimited needs. And better yet , except in evident cases, is that those resources be managed by the private sector rather than the state.

Argentina is now shown as the symbol of the bad things about globalization. This is not the case: The President of Uruguay, without wanting all of us to, know gave hi opinion:” what we have in Argentina is a bunch of thieves”. With this, neither theory or practice will ever work. Argentina is the example of the what is bad about corruption, not of what is bad about neoliberalism. Our case is the same. The Venezuelan case is the case of hypercorruption. The only things that has saved this Government is high oil prices. When they drop, we will all be screwed, but these “populists” will not care.

The economic and political slide is quite large and the decisions are getting worse every day. One small one reflects a lot: Changing the keeping of official statistics from the Venezuelan Central Bank (which are not too trustworthy) to the Central Government. Why don’t you be sincere: Eliminate them. Give the numbers you want. The  citizens don’t eat numbers but foodstuffs and they will know anyway.

Patience. There is no illness that lasts 100 years nor body that can resist it.