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Too funny to pass up

September 14, 2002


Some things are just too funny or irreverent to pass up, taken, copied, stolen and enjoyed from the reverse cowgirl’s blog, copyright by Susannah Breslin, who happen to be the same person.

Scamorama: A compilation of 419 scams, $5 record and matching fund

September 14, 2002

Through John Fleck’s site I find out about a real hero, somebody who scammed the scammers for $3 bucks, not bad, getting three bucks out of a multimillion dollar scam, I am not sure what they did is legal, but I am sure the FBI will not prosecute. While this appeared to top my earlier post about Zach Beane, upon further research into this profound subject, I found out there is actually a full Scamorama  website on this anti-scam topic. Moreover, the three buck record has been topped by none other than Bart Simpson  who managed to get five bucks out of the mysterious Mr Ja. Another interesting link is found here about the mysterious Mr. Aba, who should be more carfeul about how he answers his emails. Thus, the counter scam marches on!!! I think we should launch a matching fund through Pay Pal for the person who gets the first $100 bucks out of the scammers……

Economy improving and no double dip: Very bullish!!

September 14, 2002

I recently reported that Ken Fisher wrote a bullish article in Forbes calling the current Stock market “A beautiful Market”. The NYT has an article today with two economists who have been very accurate in the past at predicting what the economy will do. (Economists tend to be bad at this, they seldom catch the chnages in slope and always predict small changes from the cuirrent data). In the article, Nancy Lazar of Ed Hyman’s ISI group is quoted as predicting 4% growth in the fourth quarter this year. Lazar predicted quite well the recession as well as the growth this year as reported elsewhere they said:

“All considered, we believe growth in 2002 is likely to surprise on the upside in large part because expectations are so low.”

Hyman’s group was picked by as the top economic analysis team:

Macro Category
Voting Score
1 Ed Hyman ISI Group 100
2 Ed Yardeni Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown 38
3 Steve Roach Morgan Stanley Dean Witter 35
Best Team ISI Group

Dont know much about the other economist in the article. But since now Lazar and Hyman are saying things are going to remain strong, wthis should be good news for everyone. The two, Fishes and Lazar/Hyman) combined make for a very bullish case, you heard it here first!!! (well, you heard the combination….)

BBC news recommended: Sony’s new products

September 14, 2002

Ever since I subscribed to the BBC news I find it more and more useful every day, there are many good items in it. Today there was an interesting article about the Sony show in japan in which Sony presented a tuner within the CoCoon line using Linux that connects your Digital TV set to the Internet and has a hard drive to work apparently like a TiVo, didnt quite understand the Vaio egg (here is the Japanese version), but sounds cool. Love gadgets anyway, welcome them all!!