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The more incompetent someone is, the more icompetent they are to realize it

September 30, 2002

According to a Cornell psychologist’ research:

“most incompetent people do not know that they are incompetent”

Now, this explains soooooooo much about the world….I don’t even know which category to put it in….it certainly fits at least Venezuela and Latin America.

Google and Phragmipedium Kovachii: Discontinuos jump in references

September 30, 2002

I have been reporting on how Google references the term Phragmipedium Kovachii. Given that the orchid was only discovered recently, it made for a good case to study how Google finds things. Initially, it was strange, after finding 33 references to the term on Aug. 16th., it actually dropped to 22 before climbing back up only to drop again. Then it went back up to 48 to 51 references. Thus, imagine my surprise when today I found 228 references to the term Phragmipedium Kovachii . Thus, there was some form of discontinuos jump. While I know little about how Google works, this suggests that at some point in the month the search engine performs a much more thorough upgrade of the web pages. I will continue keeping tabs on Phragmipedium Kovachii, interestingly enough, I get a lot of people who read my page when they do their own search for the term and end up here. Are you one of them?