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Tense times in Venezuela

September 4, 2002

The mood in Caracas was tense tonight as a retired official was jailed as he visited the military commisary. At the same time, an active General of the National Guard issued an open letter to its members calling for “a rescue of the principles and values” of the National Guard, in apparent reference to the events of the last week involving the Guard in which women demonstrators were physically hurt as well as insulted by a National Guard General. Meanwhile, leaders of AD and the workers union were expressing their concern of a possible coup or civilian movement to oust Chavez in the face of an increasing deterioration of the economy. A General strike seems to be a given, the only question is just when it will take place. After a day of demonstrations in front of a military facility, the Supreme Court has yet to grant an injunction to stop military courts from indicting the Generals that participated in the April events. Reportedly, some of these cases were postponed for one month, which will not only allow for the Supreme Court to be back but it will go against the President’s wish to have all these officials out by Sept. 15th. conspirators on both sides also met secretly around the city planning strategy. What a day!!!