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A Challenge to all Chavistas and Chavez sympathizers

January 1, 2003

Twenty four hours after a judge granted the habeas corpus decision requested by the lawyers of General Martinez Alfonso, the General is still under arrest. I challenge any supporter of Chavez to tell me how this can be justified. In particular;

-The Gral. was arrested illegaly.

-He was beaten.

-He was not placed under house arrest until more than twelve hours after he was intially detained.

-A judge said his rights were violated, the detention was arbitray and he was not granted due process.

-He is still under house arrest.

Ok, I would challenge anyone that believes the law is being respected or Gral. Martinez’ rights are not being violated to point out with specifics how the current violation of the law and Constitution may be justified in the bizarre minds of the Chavez Government. No,” I feel”, “they can”, only specific articles of the law……

Just in case I affirm that this is a violation of the Generals Human, Civil and Constitutioanl Rights by Hugo Chavez and his band of bandits.