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Two shutdowns: One real, one threatened

January 12, 2003

While Hugo Chavez threatened to revoke the licenses of four TV stations for collaborating with the “terrorist and facist” opposition and threatened Banesco a local bank, the press office of the investigative police was shutdown after a Colonel held a press conference there to denounce the illegal traffic of arms. It’s like the old joke of the wife who cheated using the sofa, so the husband sold the sofa.

Miguel’s pictures from today’s march

January 12, 2003

Confrontation: A carbon copy of Jan. 3d.           People sit on the ground when the gassing begins to prevent panic

Guards with panties thrown in in front of them   More Guards                           Girl wrapped in flags

Posters and Images

January 12, 2003

Poster hoping a cuban plane will be taken away                       “escualidos” what Chavez called the opposition are attacking! The third one says: Hugo: this is not a march this is a line to beat the shit out of you

Peace and Yes on the referendum    People bring anything to the marches to attempt to exorcise Chavez!

Large march, gassed again, what else is new?: How about panties!

January 12, 2003

As suggested in my morning note, despite having a permit, the march was not allowed to go through. Instead, a large barrier was placed between the objective, Los Proceres, and the marchers. A number of opposition leaders negotiated with the military authorities that a commitee would be allowed to go forward to Los Proceres to present a floral arrangement to the Los Proceres monument. As they were going through, and supposedly because the National Guard believed more people might go through, the march was gassed with tear gas.  The march was absolutely peaceful and everyone was gassed withouyt discrimination. The tragicomic note of the day was provided by the large number of women (see below) who brought panties and hung them in the barbed wire, some of them signed or threw them at the guardsmen. The symbolism is that the military are cowards. People also brought corn and threw it at the Guardsmen, as if feeding “chickens”.

Panties on barbed wire        Barbed wire and panties blocking the way, note people protecting themselves from the tear gas

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Tyromaniac on The Washington Post article

January 12, 2003

From my brother the Tyromaniac, on today’s article in The Washington Post

A Split Screen In Strike-Torn Venezuela

This is clearly an oil strike, not a “general strike,” as it is often described.

[From The Washington Post]

I can’t tell you how depressing it is to read what passes for news in the the american media. Bloggers are right, media is dead. This is not a General Strike? So how come we can’t go to the movies? (all movie theaters ion Caracas are closed); Buy a soft drink? (not a single one can be found in Caracas stores, they few you can find are fetching a mark up of 1200%); Drink a beer? (Only a few foreign made beer can be found). What lies! How does a reporter invent them? They probably accept government help to write the report. Forget independent thinking, that’s out! Some of the criticism of the opposition is true, but the government has done the same things and that is worst, because the government has a higher responsibility. While it is not in the constitution to held an early election it wasn’t in the previous constitution (of 1961) to call for a referendum to make a new constitution, Where was this asshole then? Finally, more than 70% of Venezuelans want Chávez to leave, that includes most of the poor. Buy a clue you dimwit!

National Guard acts in exagerated fashion before march

January 12, 2003

Well, the National Guard is out in force already as if our march were violent. There are over 2,000 guards out there with small tanks and putting barbed wire up all over the place. Why don’t they do that when the chavistas, who are indeed violent, demonstrate? Moreover, the Government has held chavistas demonstartions in Los Proceres while we are not allowed there. Such are teh ways of the Bolivarian revolution.

By the way, the march has a permit all the way to Los Proceres, its final destination, the guards are blocking the way about half a mile ahead.

Sunday: Challenge to the Chavez Government

January 12, 2003

Big march on Sunday. The Democratic Coordinator has decided to have a march to the same place as the one ten days ago that ended with all the tear gas and shootings. The idea is that this time we will go to the end, unlike the last time when we were not allowed to. Given the increased levels of  violence (today alone, two marches in the interior were blocked by chavistas) it makes you wonder what may happen. Have my gas mask ready, hope I don’t need it. No posts until the afternoon.