Tyromaniac on The Washington Post article

January 12, 2003

From my brother the Tyromaniac, on today’s article in The Washington Post

A Split Screen In Strike-Torn Venezuela

This is clearly an oil strike, not a “general strike,” as it is often described.

[From The Washington Post]

I can’t tell you how depressing it is to read what passes for news in the the american media. Bloggers are right, media is dead. This is not a General Strike? So how come we can’t go to the movies? (all movie theaters ion Caracas are closed); Buy a soft drink? (not a single one can be found in Caracas stores, they few you can find are fetching a mark up of 1200%); Drink a beer? (Only a few foreign made beer can be found). What lies! How does a reporter invent them? They probably accept government help to write the report. Forget independent thinking, that’s out! Some of the criticism of the opposition is true, but the government has done the same things and that is worst, because the government has a higher responsibility. While it is not in the constitution to held an early election it wasn’t in the previous constitution (of 1961) to call for a referendum to make a new constitution, Where was this asshole then? Finally, more than 70% of Venezuelans want Chávez to leave, that includes most of the poor. Buy a clue you dimwit!

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