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New Year’s Pictures

January 2, 2003

New Year and dancing in the highway.

January 2, 2003

Venezuelans are accustomed to celebrating the New Year’s at home, with family, not in public places like in many parts of the world. The Mayors of Caracas have tried in the last three years to change that without success. Well, all the marching and demonstrating changed that when the Democratic Coordinator invited people to go to the Altamira Distributor to await the New Year. It was packed as people danced on the highway to the live music of the country’s most popular dancing orchestra Billo’s Caracas Boys with merengues, Paso Dobles, cumbias and guarachas and beautiful fireworks.

More pictures in the Pictures section, sent by Oscar Sabater.

Court orders Minister of Defense to free General, COFAVIC speaks out too

January 2, 2003

The 18th. Control Court ordered the Minsiter of Defense to free Gral. Martinez today. At the same time, COFAVIC, the Human Rights organization has urged the Government to respect the habeas corpus decided by the Court as it constitutes one of the most basic rights to guarantee the freedom, integrity and life of people.

Democracy, what democracy?

January 2, 2003

To those that still believe that there is a democracy in Venezuela and those that always say we should wait for the recall referendum in August, I present the following evidence:

-On Dec. 18th. the Supreme Court returned the Metropolitan Police to the Metropolitan Mayor and gave the Cahvez Administration 15 calendar days to return it to its legal supervisor: the Mayor. The 15 days expired yesterday and the Chavez Government has yet to return it.

-Two days ago a First Circuit Judge (level just below the Supreme Court) ruled that Genral Martinez’ rights were violated (human and civil) and his detention was illegitimate. Well, 48 hours later, Gral. Martinez is still under arrest by the military.

Thus, I ask, is there a rule of law in Venezuela? Is there Democracy in Venezuela? Will there be a referendum Feb. 2nd.? Will there be a recall referendum in August?

To me the answers are obvious…….that is why Hugo Chavez Frias has to resign, his total disregard for the law and democracy makes him illegitimate as a President.