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From the Madrid march: I’d rather be a whore than a chavista

January 28, 2003

Picture from the Madrid march, I prefer not to translate it

Once again Chavistas shoot at a peaceful march tonight

January 28, 2003

Tonight, in a march in Vargas State, a candlelight march by the opposition was met by the chavistas, forcing the use of tear gas once again. The Chavistas shot at the marchers with real bullets a cop has been shot.

Why PDVSA is in trouble

January 28, 2003

Since all PDVSA workers that work in comercialization of oil are on strike, have been fired or have been replaced by those in favor of the Government, PDVSA was forced to hire Pepex to sell oil for the company. Now, this is the announcement made at the Pepex website today, which appears to indiacte that PDVSA has no idea who its clients are, what financial obligations it has and what contracts it has signed. Way to go!

Head of Electoral Hall call referendum decision political

January 28, 2003

The Head of the Electoral Hall of the National Assembly said today that the decision to suspend the referendum had political motives as the decision violates fundamental rights of the Constitution, violates the rights to a defense and does not recognize the right of the citizens to participate in elctoral processes. Calling the decision to recuse him “temerary and unjust” and called for teh Constitutional Hall to evaluate it “with rigor”. The Justice also said that the Hall had gone beyond its mandate when it decided to order that no electoral process may take place, which was not requested by those that asked for the injunction. He said the sentence shuts down any possibility of an electoral solution.

Venezuelans keep their sense of humor

January 28, 2003

Proof that Venezuelans don’t lose their sense of humor is this billboard parodying the Johny Walker ads: ” I have been walking for over a month and this a…….. doesn’t leave……”. Keep Walking. Note the Venezuelan flag in Johny Walker’s hand.

In the Pictures section more photos of what the National Guard did in Valencia

January 28, 2003

Inside the Pictures section I placed new photos of what the National Guard did two weeks ago in Valencia. I have uglier ones, but these give the idea.

More pictures of what the National Guard did to the Coke workers and women in Valencia

January 28, 2003

Posters from the 24-hour protest

January 28, 2003

                                                                        Military underwear

Great poster sent by Oscar Sabater

January 28, 2003

Oscar Sabater sent photos from the 24 hour protest, had to put this one up, even the Beatles are involved now!. More in the Pictures section.

The sign says “not a step back” the protest cry of the opposition.


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