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Chavez’ Government in numbers.

January 9, 2003

From a recent presentation by the Democratic Coordinator, some numbers that show why Venezuelans are not too happy with the Hugo Chavez Government:

-Oil income in US$ in Chavez’s four years is 41% higher than in the previous four. Oil contribution to fiscal spending was also 39% higher.

-Public Debt as a percentage of GDP is up 28% from 1998, while spending is up by 46% in the last four years, compared to the previous four.

-Despite all of this, GDP per inhabitant in US$ is down 17% since Hugo Chavez took office.  

-Capital flight is up 950% over the last four years when compared to the previous four.

-The minimum salary in US$ is down 23% since Chavez took office despite the increase in oil income and spending. Meanwhile, unemployment is up 80% during the same period. Moreover, new workers have been unevenly incorporated into the work force.

-Finally, homicides have doubled in the last four years.

Another Demonstration, being gassed does not even rate a headline these days

January 9, 2003


For those that want to stereotype our rebellion, BR stands for Bandera Roja, definitely the political party that stands at the furthest left of the political spectrum in Venezuela. Nearby this guy has the US and Venezuelan flags on the same pole. Go Figure!

More Pics by Miguel

January 9, 2003


  Nice skeleton with tear gas cannisters.  The multiheaded monster

“the hairy one leave up to me” in reference to a well-kown Chavista Deputy   Cuba and Venezuela are a favorite topic

Calling Gral. Carneiro a thief for confiscating his truck    Pretty patriotic face

T-shirt with all anti-cChavez slogans, love it!!

The slow speed of justice

January 9, 2003

On Dec. 6 three people were killed and 29 injured in Plaza Francia where the dissident military meet. One gunman was caught and confessed on TV, but the Technical Police (CIPCC) has said taht there were at least two shooters, but no investigation has been made of who the other gunman was. Well, after 32 days yesterday  the technical police finally went to the site of the shootings to do the planimetry for the investiagtion. Comapre that to the speed with which the planimetry was done for last week’s murders of two Government supporters. Such is justice in Venezuela today.

(Pictures of the Plaza Francia planimetry sent in BY Oscar Sabater)