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Two people dead in today’s violence

January 3, 2003

It has now been reported that two people died of the gunshot injuries today. How long does this have to go on?

Another day, another march, we were gassed again, nothing new…..

January 3, 2003

Another march today, this time to Los Proceres. Chavez’ supporters were bussed in and we were denied access to the area and gassed. According to the Vice-Minsiter of the Interior and Justice and the Head of the military police “because we did not ahve the required permits”. Well, according to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court only civilian authorities are the ones that approve such amrches and military authorities have to coordiante any action with civilian authorities. None of this was done and Governor of Miranda State Enrique Mendoza showed the required permits on TV, where three marches were approved. (The permit has now been posted in the Globovision site, and was issued by the Mayor of the Libertador District, a Chavez supporter)

The Chavistas started throwing rocks and burning the grass and some in the opposition started responding which prompted the police to throw gases at everyone (I can still feel the gas in my lungs, they should call it burning gas not tear gas, my eyes burned and my lungs still do). The thousands in the opposition march went back and stayed there for a couple of hours until Chavez’ supporters (nice people!) started shooting bullets at us. It was weird lying down without understanding that actual bullets were flying around. Three people were injured by bullets and roughly thirty are known to be injured. The opposition demonstration was asked to leave once the shooting began, two hours later the battle between the National Guard and Chavez’ supporters was still going on. For once, the New York Times had fair coverage of the event (Note that for once it says hundreds of Chavistas, versus thousands of the oposition, a factor of ten rather than equal forces, still underestimates the opposition, but I will take it). Other reports (in Spanish)  are here and here or here. When I have had time to rest and unwind I will post more and pictures.