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The Enviroment is being destroyed, but this is “normal”

January 10, 2003

The Government keeps denying that there are enviromental damages due to the handling of the oil industry by inexperienced people. Even the irresponsible Minister of the Enviroment dismissed the accidents as “normal”, how she can live with herself is hard to figure. The President of PDVSA said correctly the number of accidents is “normal”, what he did not say is that it is the same number of accidents despite the fact that 90% of the oil industry is shutdown. This is criminal, but what else is new!. Below a whole bunch of pictures sent in by Guadalupe, using the old Chinese proverb: A picture is worth more than 1,000 words! (Or is it ten thousand?)

fire plumes

oil spills

More Posters, mostly by Oscar, one by me

January 10, 2003

Chavez, Diosdado, Ranegl we wait for you in Hell      Chavez I wait for you first in The Hague

Clear Directions                                           Plaque in meritocracy square

True protest:Without drinks I leave the country       He really works his protest

Poster outside the meeting of subway workers…

New Category: Protest Shoes!

January 10, 2003

Two Good pictures by Oscar Sabater

January 10, 2003

Patriotic Monkey                                       Elections Now! as the homeless waits for a solution……

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Chavez threatens to take over food plants and warehouses

January 10, 2003

President Hugo Chavez said today ” Governors and military commanders have to prepare plans to militarily take over food production plants, warehouses and silos”. Obviously he is referring to private ones.  What can I say, that is exactly how things began in Cuba.

Among other jewels he also said that the intervention of the Metropolitan Police, which the Supreme Court said should cease today, will continue. He also threatened, once again, the media, particularly TV stations.