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More Pictures of the repression against the women

January 17, 2003

                                                                                                                                       look at this ashole (tear gas in his hand)

These women are really tough                                        The manager of the Polar beer plant was handcuffed and thrown out of his plant


Images from TV, these are the so called men in our National Guard

January 17, 2003

I could not find pictures of the National Guard jumping on the woman from behind and brutally taking her down. So here it is, I took these pictures off the TV that speak for itself, no?

(More in the Pictures section)

General confiscates water and soda, women hit, minor tortured

January 17, 2003

In another “revolutionary” act, General Acosta Carles, led a group which confiscated bottled water and sodas from Panamco’s deposits. The argument was that the company was hoarding the products, however under Venezuela’s legislation “hoarding” can only be applied to a list of “essential” products of which, neither Coke nor bottled water are part of. This is illegal, so what else is new. The General said “collective” rights prevail over particular ones. Long live the revolution where anyobody with power can do whatever they want!

Here are scenes of the National Guardsman hitting people during the illegal takeover of Panamco in Valencia. Tear gas was used and two women were actually hit by these nice guards. Human Rights? What are those? The facist on the right above is General Acosta Carles, proudly showing a bottle of Coke he stole.

I am seeing on TV National Gurdsmen hitting women and thrwoing them , on the ground, jumping on them from behind….Is the Government becoming unraveled?. A minor that was jailed two days ago, says he was tortured at the intelligence police and the assasin from Altamira was his cellmate. This kid is actually Chavista! but opposed the takeover of the University by the Chavistas.

(CNN in Spanish is showing it all!!! Cool!!)