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Any more evidence that we live in a dictatorship?

January 7, 2003

On December 18th.,  the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that the intervention of the Metropolitan police was illegal and the police should be returned to its rightful authorities, the Mayor of the Metropolitan area of Caracas. The Court gave the Government fifteen days to do it. Well, today the Vice-Minister for citizen Security announced that the Government had decided to “reintervene” the motorized unit of the Metropolitan police. Thus I ask anybody, what would happen in any country of the world if a Supreme Court decision like this one was not followed by a Government? What is the name of a country where the Government does whatever it wants? I think it is evident, don’t you? It is certainly not a democracy……

The folly of the academic priviliged by Alfredo Octavio

January 7, 2003

My brother the Tyromaniac wrote this in response to the New York Times Editorial, The Power of the Priviliged, by so-called Law Professor (only Visiting…) Amy Chua, of Yale University whose research abilities leave a lot to be desired given what she wrote today, in which simply appears to be trying to fit our rebellion against the outlaw Government of Hugo Chavez into her theories of the world.  I could not have said it better, least of all in such a short space:

Dear Editor,

 It is dreadful that people like Prof. Amy Chua can’t get rid of their
 own brand of prejudice. The current confrontation in Venezuela isn’t
 white against black or poor against rich, but most of the population
 against a corrupt and inefficient government that has broken its
 promises and the law.

 Chávez isn’t black, nor poor. He grew up middle class, but his current
 clothes, watches and privileges indicate his lust for wealth. He
 doesn’t care about the poor, only about himself.

 According to the latest polls more that 70% of Venezuelans are against
 Chávez. In a country with poverty reaching 68% of the population and
 with a high percentage of mixed raced, this clearly indicate that a lot
 of the poor and the “pardos” are against Chávez.

 Failure to understand the process of civil rebellion we are living in
 Venezuela by first world intellectuals, won’t prevent its extension to
 other countries in the future.

More Posters, creativity in action

January 7, 2003

Not one Bs. mor for corruption                The assasin, facist, is you

Go to Hell fake Dictator                                                    No translation required

Facist                                                           No to the inept and assasins


Another march, this time to the tax office

January 7, 2003

Let’s be positive: Dancing group in march                                 Is he old enough to protest?

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