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Cattleya Leuddemaniana Giorgio

March 8, 2003

Armando Mantellini of Orquideario Cerro Verde is the Venezuelan that has done the most extensive work crossing the best varieties of the Venezuelan Cattleya Lueddemaniana, to me the most spectacular of the Venezuelan Cattleyas. Through the years Armando has gotten better and better flowers through careful and systematic crossing of the best plants available. Today he sent a picture of Cat. Lueddemaniana Giorgio, truly spectacular, solid lip and “flared” petals. Flaring is quite rare in Cat. Lueddemaniana and I don’t think I have seen such strong flaring ever. Enjoy!.

Tomorrow, Sunday March 9th. worldwide protest against the Chavez Government

March 8, 2003

There will be protests worldwide tomorrow against Hugo Chavez, this link has the protest closest to you. Please attend!

Posters and people

March 8, 2003

Weird way to carry a dog                      Banner:”Chavez is shitting in his pants”

Hat or Poster?                                    A friend with a poster supporting PDVSA and its technology center

I signed, jail me!                                 Chavez is written with “ch” insults with ch                         

Chavez opium of the people         Enough of “robolucion”

Pictures from the rally

March 8, 2003

People seen at the rally (more pictures inside in Pictures or Posters)

Rally and challenge to the Government

March 8, 2003

The opposition held its first rally today, since a judge issued a warrant for the arrest of some of its most important leaders two weeks ago. The rally started slow but it got better with time, climaxing when Juan Fernandez, one of the leaders of the PDVSA workers who have gone into hiding, showed up and spoke to the crowd in a clear challenge to the Government. More than half an hour later, intelligence police patrols showed up, a little late to catch Mr. Fernandez. But the crowd was outraged by the presence of the patrol cars and began throwing stones and surrounding them, blocking their way out. The intelligence police threw tear gas at the crowd when they started stoning them, interestingly enough and as we have been accustomed to, the leading stone throwers were female. What a way to celebrate Women’s day! The Governor of Miranda State, one of the speakers during the rally, had to intervene to allow the cars to leave, even if some windows were broken. This is certainly going to upset the Dictator!!!