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Worldwide Protests against Chavez Government

March 10, 2003

Barcelona                                                              Bern

Guatemala                                                           Los Angeles

London (Speaker’s Corner)                                   Vigo, singing the anthem

Minnesota (cold!!!)                                                          Toronto

Orlando/Tampa                                                        Chicago

Boston                                                                     Washington

It will make the page heavy, but they did such a good job, they deserve to be seen by everyone (more as they arrive). You can see the complete set at this link in All but the Washington picture were sent to me, that one I took from the Viva’s page through Thanks to all for sending the pictures in!!!

A friend describes well the frustration of the people

March 10, 2003


To give an idea of the way people feel by now and why things are tense, here is a report from a friend (TE) about last Saturday’s rally and what happened when the intelligence police patrol’s showed up( his father is approximately in his mid 60’s if not older) showing the level of frustration and despair of the people:


“I was a couple of meters away from one of the DISIP (intelligence police) patrol cars that were damaged by the fury and rage in the ramp towards Chuao, parallel to El Guaire at the end of the event. Unfortunately, I could not take part because I was trying to protect my mother and contain my father who in fury wanted to kill the DISIPs with his fists. I tell you, if it were not because of Enrique Mendoza (governor of Miranda State) who came to placate people and open the way for the patrols to leave speedily, there could have been a tragedy.


It matters little to be good citizens at this point. This is a demonstration that the BRAVE PEOPLE are sick and tired and it would seem the levels of being pissed off are overflowing fear… Good for Juan Fernandez and his bravery…Good slap in the face for the incapable talibans of the political police”