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A pro blogs live from Iraq

March 16, 2003

From Secular Blasphemy I learn about Back to Iraq 2.0, a blog by independent reporter Christopher Allbritton, who is actually in Northern Iraq reporting live on his blog:

Hi there! Thanks for stopping in. I’m Christopher Allbritton, former AP and New York Daily News reporter. This summer I went stumbling around Iraqi Kurdistan, the northern part of Iraq outside Saddam’s direct control, looking for stories. 

This blog and Salam’s (which I linked to earlier) may provide some of the most fascinating insight into the events in Iraq in the next few weeks.

A convoluted conspiracy

March 16, 2003

Whenever one source tells me something, I just process the information and leave it at that. When two sources tell me the same thing, I begin to wonder and look for confirmation. But when three different and reliable sources give me the same information. I use my long standing argument that I do not believe in coincidences. Well, three different sources have given me, in the last three days, the same information about a conspiray that appears so clever at first sight that it may actually be true. Cesar Gaviria, who has been in Caracas since November,has only left for Christmas and once or twice to attend to his responsabilities as Secretary General of the OAS, but this time has left on purpose. Basically, he believes that his presence in Caracas essentially has stopped the Governemnt from uncontrolled and illegal or undemocratic behavior. This week Gaviria left for one week, reportedly to take care of OAS businesses in Bolivia. Well, what I am being told is that the true reason was to see if in his absence the Chavez administration does something that would allow Gaviria to go on the international offensive against the Chavez administration and help push forward negotiations. I am told that even Colombian President Uribe is part of this convoluted conspiracy to press for a negotiation towrds an end to the Venezuelan political crisis. True? False? I simply don’t know, but we will se if anything happens in the next few days anyway.

Chavez on poverty and IMF

March 16, 2003

It seems I was a little early yesterday when I wrote about the Government and poverty. It appears Hugo Chavez does not read his own Government statistics, as today he said he will fight poverty aggressively to erradicae “that 80% of the population” that lives below the poverty line. Now, I wonder what he thinks his job has been for the last four years, no? He said five years ago that reducing poverty was his number one goal, but now says poverty is the same as when he took office…..In the same nationwide address, Chavez accused some officers of the IMF of plotting last year’s coup agaisnt him…….way to go Hugo, that is how you gain friends internationally!